3 Ways to Manage Social Distancing and Sell More Cars

All right, what’s up gang Brian max hook, checking in this brilliant video is gon na, be really really brief.

What I’m gon na do I’m gon na give you three things that you can do at your dealership right now.
You know to deal with the whole coronavirus impact, how mentally people will be looking at it when they interact and engage with other individuals regardless if they came to you to the strip or not they’re gon na be looking at every little thing that you do saying.
Do they have the coronavirus? How can I avoid any contact with this person? So, let’s get into it number one.

Typically, when you will go out and you agree a customer on the line, we will greet them with a what a handshake right.
Well, what everything’s going on with the coronavirus – probably not the best thing it is probably not gon na – be very welcomed by most, if not our customers.
As a matter of fact, you know the improper greeting prior to all it is, could have destroyed or derailed your opportunity to earn business now the wrong approach, the wrong attempted contact could do the same.

So an alternative to that would be this number one.
I highly recommend that, even if you live in a warmer state find yourself some long-sleeve white blue dress, shirts that you can wear.
I know most dealerships.

Do the do the Polo thing, but if you are more concerned about making money and about helping your customers, you listen to what I’m saying a long-sleeve shirts and here’s.

Why it allows you the perception to the customer that you have very minimal skin exposed? Now you still don’t want to approach them with a handshake, but here’s what you can do, one.
When you’re approaching your guests, you want to try to keep some form of hand sanitizer, if possible, on you a very small bottle of it and remember.

Cells is 90 percent emotional, backed up with Jefferson logic.
So when you’re approaching every single guest that you greet at your life, you want to approach them and prior to getting to them, you want to pull out your little bottle of hand.
Sanitizer squirt a little bit on your hand, rub it on your hand and pull out a business card to hand to your guests.

Because no longer will you be greeting with a handshake, but due to the law of reciprocity, you’re still able to give them some and guess what them seeing you put that hand sanitizer on your hand as you’re walking to them rubbing it in pulling a business card Out of your top dress, shirt pocket not in your pants pockets.

It should be a high level, extremely visible for them to be able to see – and you handed it to him and you welcome them to your lot.
Hey love with a BC dealership, I’m Brian and you are blah blah blah and you may even make like the situation hey.

Typically, I would love to greet you with a handshake or a fist pound, but due to the circumstances, I want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible boom, okay step two now when you bring them in and sitting down, you know previously, when you’re sitting down And you’re qualifying somebody you’re sitting across the desk from you, leaning in you’re, leaning out.
You may even have your chair kind of caddy corner over a little bit where you’re on their side, then you’re against them.
Well now you know with the whole six-feet social distancing, the best thing you can do is you want to respect your guests so the way your desk is set up, if you have the ability, if you could push your desk out away from you a little bit More pull the chairs back a little bit more and as you’re sitting your guests down.

You want to have a pack of handy wipes on your workstation area.
Now, as you bring them over, you pull out a handy white and you wipe that seat down.
If there’s two of them, you wipe both seats down now it may seem like this extra step, but I assure you these little things will give the perception to your customer that you have their best interests at heart and, if you’ll go that far to protect them, Health-Wise, imagine what you’ll do when you’re helping them with a vehicle perception is reality.

You should have a pack of handy wipes on your desk from here on out, go to the dollar store at the dollar store.
You could spend five dollars and get five packs and put them in your desk drawer.
At the dollar store.

You can go, get the small little miniature hand, sanitizers, cuz, they’re, refilling them or the squirt bottles, get a miniature squirt bottle from Walgreens.

Okay, CB s all right, wipe that seat down sit down and now, when you’re speaking to him, you should have your information sheet on a clipboard where you’re leaning back asking them certain question you’re sitting upright, but you’re, leaning back.
Remember you always want to give the perception that, yes, I’m intimately here with you, but at the same time I don’t want to invade your space.

Third, when you’re going out to do a demo, do to do a presentation of a vehicle and a demo drive again.
You want to have your miniature bottle of hand sanitizer, as you’re walking out with your customer grab yourself a couple of handy wipes too.
Okay, so you’re walking out with your guest again before you ever present that vehicle squirt that hand sanitizer on your hand and offer them some then begin your presentation, okay, you’re, showing the external parts of the vehicle.

Now, when it’s time for you to show that the inside of the vehicle want to open up that passenger door and again wipe that seat down with a handy white, when you go to get on your side to sit on the driver side, taking any wipe and Wipe that steering wheel down and then you want to go ahead and get started on your demo drive when you’re switching drivers.
Imagine what will go through their mind when they see you wipe the steering wheel down again for them, as you switch okay and as a matter of fact, if there’s two people, you should already be sitting in the back.

But you know: if a person is there they’re there for the demo drive nine times out of ten.

You know everything’s gon na be okay, but that hand sanitizer and those handy wipes are extremely important and remember when you come back off of that.
Instead of going to sit them down and going through, the numbers give them a toy of your service area and it’s really simple.
The reason why you do that is most customers are expecting to come back and go to war with you and do the numbers, so their defensive wall is high okay, so it’s opposed to taking them directly back there.

You’ve you hold the door before them.
They’re gon na go back they’re gon na head to your seating area, but they’re ready to do battle.
You say, hey folks, follow me this way.

Real, quick, I’m gon na show you where you’re gon na bring your vehicle.
Excuse me when it’s time for you to get it serviced, follow me, take them to the service area, hey folks, our service area.
We have 24-hour key drop.

We do have shuttle service.
So if you wanted to go to the mall, get something to eat, blah blah blah that will be available for you, yadda yadda um, you know, while you’re waiting, we do have uh condiments whatever it is that you have okay.
Now again, this is when the world resumes, as it typically is, but even if you leave, you are at your store and you are helping customers give them a tour.

Next service area show them where they’ll be play.
Listen hear what I said.
This is where you will bring your vehicle it’s time for you to get it serviced.

We have 24-hour key drop, we have free wildfire, we have a kids play area, we have condiments coffee, hot chocolate, vanilla latte.
We have our two vending machines right here and we have a shuttle.
So if you want to go to your place of business or if you want to go grab something to eat or whatever, that’s fine, okay, now these subtle things, especially with the hand sanitizer and the wife.

These are just a few things that we’ve implemented into the sales process.
Again, perception is reality, and people buy ninety percent based off emotion and back it up with tempers and logic, so keeping your business cards up top.
So that way, you have something to greet them with.

You may say why would I want to greet them with a business card initially, because do you know how many times that something happens in the customer beelines out and the sales rep has no way to be able to provide them with the form of information to Get back in contact with a mess; one number two: the law of reciprocity, the more you’re able to give to them initially, the more likely it is for them to give to you later, okay and number three.
You still want to keep that good old human interaction of us greeting with some form of a positive exchange.
So, while trying to verbal hand sanitize the hands and hand them a card, it’ll blow your mind in order to do all right.

So just a few things, and let me explain something to you regardless of what’s going on, you know, I mean sharpens iron and you don’t wait till you get in the game to start honing your skills.
So, in the description of this video, there is a link to some amazing downloads and right here, I’m gon na give you a look of exactly everything that that’s involved in it.
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The big one that everybody’s loving is how to drive.
Facebook leads how to utilize different areas of Facebook, that most people don’t think about the 100 success of is just a lot okay.

So if you like the formation and the things I’m sharing with you make sense, treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself.
Yes, I know it’s challenging, but guess how much more challenge than it’s gon na be if we don’t figure out how to improve our skills.
So, in the event that we have to get out there and we have to build value to be able to buy a blog family, we got everything we need to do it.

Selling is a skill, it’s a real art form and we have to learn how to do the right way and guess what, if you can somebody buy a vehicle? You can do anything and within this program and lays out everything so click that link in the description go check it out.
So click that link in the description going over because more now than ever, people still need two vehicles to work.
People vehicles are breaking down.

People still have to get to their jobs.
There are a lot of people still working, so click that link in the description go over.
It check it out, i’m brian maxwell and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership over an hour.

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