3 Ways to Get Customers Inside the Dealership in 45 Seconds

Hey, I’m Brian Maxwell, the owner and founder of sales professionals of America recruiting.

What I want to share with you is a tip on how to make a dynamic impact in the first 30 seconds would mean your customer and as I’m starting at.
Let me share with you two questions used by most sales consultants that are extremely ineffective and absolutely bring them no closer to getting this person inside and moving down the process.
Number one is: can I help you now? Can I help you is one of the silliest questions used by salespeople? You may say what Ryan I don’t see, how here’s? Why imagine this? The dealership had hired you to greet help be a problem-solver uh solution provider, but a guess that the marketing department has worked.

So hard and that the dealership has spent a lot of money to get into the store, so all that ad marketing all of that advertising all those strategies put together – and here is the guest at your dealership and the sales consultant walks out and the person says, Can I help you get this? No sales person is done.
Where do you go from there because anything you try to do after that now you’re infringing on their privacy? You ask them to be one the help they said no, but yet you continue forward to what you’re actually doing when you say.
Can I help you? Is it okay? If I do for you what my employer is paying me and hired me to do really think about that, when you say, can I help you you’re asking the customer, I guess, is it okay, if I do for you what my company had hired me to do And it’s paying me for that makes zero sense and it leads them to answer it.

So closing the question: we’re the only response is yes or no, and you run a fifty percent chance of the answer being no and there’s nothing positive associated with no.
You should never ask the closing question without knowing that the only logical response is yet so can I help you is a silly question that I’m almost on the position or most managers, general sales managers and GM’s even owners.
The diligence will love this needs just thrown out of the cab.

You Larry our sales consultant that they bishops number two is how you doing now.
You may say: well, Brian.
I use this every day.

Why is how you doing? How is how you doing a a bad question? Here’s the reality with how you’re doing okay, seeing as you have no idea, but what happened or what’s happening in this person is private life.
When you approach someone and say how you doing you’ve, just potentially opened up Pandora’s bus for this person to relive every negative experience that they may have went through that morning.
That previous night may have been going through that week.

You ever had those people say good morning how you doing it uh chase to the Mondays or I’m here or a stubbed, your toe.
They woke up late.
They got stuck in traffic, they got a ticket, their dog got sick.

There oatmeal spilled on the floor.
They drop their coffee on their lap.
I think you’re getting where I’m going with this okay.

So when you ask somebody how you doing without knowing what’s really going on in their life, you just potentially took two to three steps backwards.
Now you have to work, get yourself in to get them right back up to being even killed, because in sales you want to keep those two guests or the customer as positive as possible as you progress them down the process there.

Okay, so that’s you want to do the best greeting the most effective greeting that you can say to someone when they come to your dealership is welcome to my dealership.

My name is, and you are so is hey – welcome to ABC dealership, I’m Brian II.
You are now the reason why welcome is so critical, just think about it when you go to someone’s home if you’re a stranger and you’re going to a person’s home or even if you know you brought it at home, what’s on the floor, mat right welcome.
Is there to make the guests feel comfortable to feel invited? Now we know when people come to the dealership, they’re excited about getting that vehicle, but they dread with their self-control because they believe their snake oil, salesmen silver tongue and gon na try to run them for everything they got.

Most customers have been realized that the game has changed and the industry has improved tremendously.
I mean, let’s be honest, sells controls in this business over the years have been able to piss off millions of Americans and it’s up to you and I to change the paradigm of these people and let them see they’re coming to buy a vehicle.
It’s not painful matter of fact.

It’s enjoyable, it’s painless, so you want to welcome them.
Do you want to give them your name first and ask them for their you’ll? Be amazed at how many sales consultants approach a person has about credit money, what they want to buy today and has never even gotten that person’s name and never even shared their.
So, if you’d like to get that cut, that guest name share yours first.

The next thing you want to do ask you Marty here to see anybody in particular, or is this their first time now, if they’re here, to see some money in particular, take them inside all formal refreshments and take them to the person I’ll bring the person to Them if it is their purse, I thank them for coming because they could have been in any dealership in the city, but here it’s yours also, if you have business cards on you, give them one at that point.
Here’s why up to this point, you have no idea if they’re on the lunch breaks, a fifteen minute break picking up their kids from school and sales.
People still use this old tactic when they say the upper bins are.

Oh, you know what it’s inside follow me in and then when the person gets in, they try to bombard them and it does nothing more but turn that person on what they probably never come back.
I want to say thank you so much for telling my dealership matter of fact.
Here’s one of my business cards any event.

You have any questions in the future.
You have a way that you can reach out to somebody here.

You can contact me direct.

My telephone number email address all that’s right there, baby.
Okay, then the next question should be which one of our vehicles would you, like some information on most sales consultant starts, saying: hey.
What are you looking to buy today? Well, what are you looking to put down? It will freak a person out too much pressure and pressure.

Busts pipes.
Okay, at this point, you’re not trying to sell a vehicle.
The only thing you’re selling them on is you and bringing them inside.

So with one of our visions, you, like some information on.
Oh, I really really like this one excellent.
Well, as you can see, we have plenty of lobsters here so follow me inside.

I want to ask you a couple of questions and then I’ll get you all the information we have available on this vehicle.
The u-turn you go, you want to keep it short and sweet.
Your greeting should be maybe 3045 seconds with the with the intention of moving it inside.

Okay, if you bounce them around Karthik.
Our information overload.
All the cars are new all have zero miles.

They all smell good, so they’ll bounce you around at 2 or 3 4 cars.
You’ve never set them down.
They’re looking at limited edition, but you have their budget – is only for $ 300 a month, but they’re looking at the extended is the limited that the top of the line, everything so after spending an hour 2 hours with them bouncing from vehicle to vehicle.

You sit them down.
You go over the numbers.
You find out that you’re way out of the market.

They leave and never come back and feel like you wasted their time, but really you were trying to do what they wanted, but as these sales professional, you must know, you can’t close what you can’t control.

So you have to be in control at all times.
Now you want to give the guests the feeling that they’re leading, but that’s where the skill comes in, there’s no such thing as the natural-born salesperson.

It requires skills selling as an artist to true science, and this is where you have to really hone your information gathering to over stand, how to deal with people and how to give them an experience where they feel like they were in control.
But in reality you were asking the right questions and guiding them down the process.

Just the way you needed to be think about your doctor.

When you go to doctors office, they don’t say, would you like to have a thermometer in your mouth? Would you like to step on this scale? Would you like to take your blood pressure? Know? Is hey Maxwell come to the back sit down open your mouth? Stick your arm out step right here.
Why? Because they know what they need to do or what they need me to do, so they can properly diagnose same thing.
You, you are a transportation doctor.

You saw people’s transportation problems.
I should I say, provides to loosen transportation clause, so I know for you to diagnose the problem.
You have to sit down and check all the dissenters, so don’t rush.

Take your time get them inside sit them down unless your dealership is telling you otherwise trust me on this there’s knowing this a long time made a lot of money, and I work with top producers nationwide.
As a matter of fact, this is why I’m doing this for you, I want you to be one of those top producers or want your care, your sales team to be top producers, so I’m going to keep giving this content away to help everyone close more deals.
Hold more grills and have more fun doing it, the better we perform and the better experience we give the guests the better.

It makes it for everyone in our business nationwide and around the globe, all right, so I’m Brian Maxwell, owner and founder of sales professionals of America recruiting, and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership for additional information of how sales professionals of America recruited and Go to work for you visit our website, spin us an email or give us a call again, i’m brian Maxwell.
I want to say thank you and I look forward to seeing you at a dealership, .

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