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Good morning, brandon hartson glad to be with you today we’re going to help those people that are thinking about being in front of their own speaker or you’re, a teacher some type of educator not in front of the room that much but it’s for all, because nowadays We have to be in this confined of this box instead of having the live people up on you, so when you’re getting your content together when you’re putting your speech together, how about a few tips on how do we conclude? How do we end this speech? So the first thing i would recommend to you is that plan your closing remarks plan.

Your words word for word to ensure that your conclusion is a powerful one.

We got a planet word for word.
You got to write it out.

Ask yourself: what is the purpose of this talk? Your answer should involve the actions that you want your listeners to take care of after they hear the speech call to action as we call them.

So when you’re clear about the end result your desire, it becomes a lot easier to design a conclusion.
Then ashura says to take action.

So the best strategy for ending with a bang is to plan your clothes before you plan the rest of your speech.

Now you may say that’s kind of different well, we can always go back to the beginning, but we want to focus on what we want to leave them with.
So i suggest let’s get this conclusion out the way.

First, then, you can go back and design your opening, so it sets up the stage for your conclusion now number two end: a speech with a call to action.
What are they going to take away from that speech and go back to their world and hopefully start to implement it’s especially important that you tell the audience what you want to do as a result of them hearing your speech, we call it a call to action Because the best way to wrap up your talk and gives that person some temporary power because they have to carry it out how’s.
The speech conclusion call to action example.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have great challenges, great opportunities and with your help, we will meet them and make next year the best year in our business history, maybe a little over top for you, but i was just trying to give you some type of ending just remember.

Whatever you say, imagine an exploration point at the end as you approach the conclusion pick up, your energy pick up your tempo speak with some strength and some emphasis and drive home that point, regardless of whatever your audience participates, agree with you on this should be your Main focus i want this call to action to be done so to make their lives a lot easier and then the last thing.
How can we make it clear to an audience or group that it’s done when you say your final words? It should be clear to everyone that you’ve ended.

There should be no confusion in the minds of the audience.

The audience members should know that.

There’s no more left now.

Many speakers just allow their talks just to wind down saying something like well.
The that’s just about covers it.
Thank you now, that’s not a good idea to close it’s, not powerful, no energy behind it, not anything supporting the call to action.

We need to come up with something a little bit more powerful, keep in mind.
It’s not the authoritative ending, thus distracting and the credibility and the influence so keep that in mind your credibility, your confidence, your invoice influence trying to get them to do the call to action that you were trying to leave or press upon them.
That’s what they brought.

You there for to do so when you’ve concluded discipline yourself to stand perfectly, still select a friendly face inside that audience and look straight at that person.
If it’s appropriate small warmly and the person that you’re trying to signal while you’re in front of them.

They know that it’s the ending and i guarantee you they will be the first ones to applaud letting the other folks in the room know that it’s time for them to applaud.

Now, how about if you get so many applauses, and we still want to do q and a some questions and answers always shut them down with an example within a story about the call to action that they’re going to be doing once they leave from there giving An example of that that will shut them down and you don’t have to worry about people just continuing and trying to be nice by just saying.

Let me just stand here and wait until the last applause is done.

That’s not professional! We want to really make sure that we give this speech the best that it can be so suggestion always write the conclusion.

First, then, we can always go back to the opening once again brandon hardison from champion strategies, as always imparting make it a champion day.

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