3 Reasons to Go Back To Work At The Dealership

All right, we’re gon na get into three reasons why you should consider returning to your dealership once everything reopens and you get that car back.

If you get that car back, I’m Brian Maxwell and we just gon na get into this real fast number one.
Here’s the real reason, okay and on this video we gon na, keep it real real.
So please watch it all the way through before you judge something might say early to fully get an over standing of what I’m saying number one.

Okay is, if you can be honest with yourself before you consider, leaving and said man it wasn’t working out.
I wasn’t making any money.
I wasn’t doing this: ask yourself be real with yourself: were you really giving it to a maximum in your best effort and what I mean by that? Which means what you leveraging all of the resources, as far as with educating yourself on any information relevant to the vehicle relevant to your processes, relevant to your ability to communicate, to ask questions relevant to be in your best mental state every day relevant to being mentally Tough and see if we got to realize something man, because the nice cars and a nice houses and the fat paychecks, everybody loves that everybody wants that.

But when you really peek behind the curtain and you find out what’s really going on and what it takes to get there a lot of people, you know a lot are unwilling the sacrifice of before that type of effort that Herculean effort that it takes, especially when You from beginnings like myself and you may be similar when you come from a family where nobody really achieved any type of corporate or commercial success.
Everybody you know, went to work and there’s no disrespect with working.
You know your typical nine-to-five, but I had never seen anyone step outside of that box and so for me to believe that I could do it.

I had to get out of my own way first and the best way I did that was by listening to other people reading other things.
It just did a lot of things to help me out, like you are obviously, or else you wouldn’t be watching it.
So it’s making sure that you are mentally tough and that you understand the reality and the truth about being an entrepreneur.

This is why, before you leave number one reason number one before you leave, you got ta.
Ask yourself: did you give it your all, because, as an entrepreneur when there’s nobody giving you a guaranteed check, whether it be a or a guarantee without anybody making sure the lights are wrong for you without anybody making sure you got leads coming in without anybody making Sure your product and your information is up to speed is up to date without anybody freezing the bill for you to even have product.
This is the thing that happened in the real world of being a business owner.

That’s why, when you ask most people, I hate you how many people want to run business? Everybody says I when you says doing what they say.
Man, I don’t know.
I just want to run one just to have one and that’s why most businesses fail, because it’s not about just starting one, just to start one.

It starts off with a passion for something and that you’d be doing that thing, even if you want to getting paid for it in some way, shape, form or fashion, maybe not that specific thing, but something that involves what that what you’re doing involves.
You know when you be doing that regardless.
That’s when you know you have a passion and that’s what leads to you doing it so well, there people are willing to invest in, you are paid for you to do it or to watch you do it.

That’s why? I talk to your salespeople, make top tier money.
Why? Because they are mastering the art of communication and being able to paint a vision, they’re being able to help people solve problems, your top tier athletes.
They work on their skill set whatever that may be a sort of real entrepreneur knows.

The truth is that man is all on you, and so, when you are with the company and automotive sales specifically is the closer to being self-employed.
You can come without coming out of pocket.
I like to call it okay, so reason number one don’t leave until you can honestly say I did everything.

I could do number two.
Okay number two.
Is that don’t go until you? Like? You know you you you you, you made a decision right and the decision is this man, I’m gon na push myself further.

Then I’ve ever been before.
I should, I say, drive myself harder than I’ve ever done before before I leave.
I’m gon na drive myself hard.

I don’t like to say push yourself, because I seem like it’s too much work, but you’re gon na drive yourself harder, meaning if you’re, showing up at 9:00, you’re gon na show up at 8:45, meaning that, instead of just not asking questions and just going by each Day as it may come, you’re gon na be more focused on setting your day.
You don’t everything you can to perform on a much higher level.
So the first reason is just gon na be honest with yourself number two is you’re gon na actually drive yourself, you’re gon na drive yourself hard or a much further, because again it goes back to when you’re real entrepreneur.

There is no such thing as a 40-hour.
Workweek there is no such thing as days off.
You might take time away just being with your family or do thing, but it ain’t all because you’re still on nonstop, and you also realize that for you time is money.

So for somebody that’s at a typical job.
They can take those couple of days off because guess what that paycheck is gon na, be there whether it’s the draw as a guarantee or not even if they don’t sell anything, that’s gon na be there when you’re, not the preneur, that’s not gon na, be there.
Okay, so every day, is you doing something in some way? Whether is you actually interact them with the with your business or whatnot or judgmental is everyday okay, so you have to drive yourself and realize this there’s 168 hours in a workweek.

Most people only want to work 40, and so every second that you spend at your place of business you’re earning money, that’s 40 hours for most people.
That means that there’s 128 hours that they’re not earning okay and so 40 hours into 128 hours or 40 hours of earning 128 hours of not earning whenever you’re earning time is outweighed by you’re, not earning time three-two-one.
Is there any wonder why the poverty balance beam? Is so all balanced for most people? Okay, because they have the 40-hour Work Week, light into their mind and really that’s a trap.

That’s a trap, all right break yourself out of that and drive yourself further and the third reason you want to consider going back really and in the most and what I believe is that before you leave and you go get started on anything else, you always want To make sure that energy is right, you want to make sure that you’re moving with positive momentum, and you want to make sure that you’re leaving on your terms, not because you felt something was too hard or you didn’t like what somebody said.
No I’m gon na come in, I’m gon na kick ass and, if I choose to leave, it won’t be because of some pandemic.
It won’t be because somebody ran me out, and it won’t be because I quit it’ll be because I chose and I’m choosing as my momentum is going and I’m flying high and it will carry over with me.

Whatever I choose to go, do and wherever I choose to go, do with it.
Momentum is everything okay.

So if you notice the three reasons and nothing to do about money, because you control that, because if we honest with ourselves and we drive ourselves – okay and we set our own level of standards – then what guess? What the money is going? It’s going to take care of itself and you have to know that.

So if, when you get started, if you still at your store and if you go on back in the store, you don’t wait until you get in the game to start working on your skill set, you do that now, all right.
So in the description I have a link to the how to dominate at the dealership online sales training resources.
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You can listen to the over three hours of audio video on the road to the sale, and you know what, when people come out, people will still be people and it will take you from eight all the way to Z.
And now you can separate yourself as we reconnect with people coming out after this situation.
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You have the 100 successes, which is 10 videos of how to maintain your positive millionaire, mind frame, how to keep yourself driven and that’s bigger than just you listening to it.

That’s for you, your family, you guys can listen that together to help y’all stay motivated and driven as we come out of all of this.

But remember those are the three reasons so as we reopen go back to your store dominate and if you choose to leave, do so on your terms, I’m Brian Maxwell.
I look forward to seeing you at the dealership over and out .

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