3 Reasons General Managers Get Fired From Dealerships

Hi, I’m Brian Maxwell, the owner and founder of sales professionals of America recruiter and I’m gon na share with you three reasons that general managers are terminated from dealerships.

I have one bit of hoopin, particularly that told me that they have let go 28 general managers within the last 90 days.

Now they only have 90 stores.
So that’s a third of the upper management team relief, the duty and here’s what they share with me.

The main three reasons number one was their lack of willingness to adjust to the times see a lot of people that are in these genome spots, they’re in their 40s, maybe 50s.
Rarely do you catch a person, that’s in their 30s and that particular spot.
So they came up during the real I hate.

You know when the car business was really tough and it was cutthroat this ruthless.
Well guess what the game has changed.
Today’s consumers are a lot more intelligent, they’re, not less patient, also in general society.

There’s a lot more emotion or a lot more sensitive, so those hard driving needles to the walls leave with the widow as opposed to the carrot ways of running a storm.
Just don’t work today and even worse.
You know unbeknownst to the general manager a lot of times the people didn’t have into management positions as sales managers and general sales managers.

They lack the skills in the expertise to really understand what it takes to generate attention and attracting the right type of candidates.

They lack the ability and the skill to actually train these people and trips me out.
I watch a sales manager tell this person, you know you got ta, read 15 cards of money.

You need to be twenty cards month when they themselves was an anchor on my person and just blasted everybody, which is how they got the position.
So if you don’t tell somebody what they need to do, but you’re unable to show them what it takes and how to implement it, how to apply it, how to succeed with it.
Your words are useless, but instead of taking it on the chin and being personally responsible for their staffs ability or inability to perform, guess what they tell the boss, man, my boss, lady all this person sucks.

They don’t want to listen to what I say.
I told them over and over and over again what to do and they just don’t do it, but at the end of the day you know winds up getting black the general manager, because corporate office is looking at it say: hey man, we’re spending a ton of Money, advertising running these ads for people, we’re spending a ton of money on television on radio to get customers in here and yet we’re not standing.
He increases now the GMs they got there because they are mostly intelligent, hard dropping people.

So they’re not gon na blame their their staff, downline they’re gon na take it on the chin.
They’re fired against what the sales managers are still sitting there and that’s unfair.
So a good team.

You better pay attention to what I’m saying, because I see it.

I literally have been in dealership before talking with the general manager, so he’s new.
You know you can tell he’s only been there a couple of months he’s trying to show and prove – and I say, listen man, here’s what I do.

I work with dealer groups and dealerships all around the country, and I would like to least speak with you behind and get some really talented salespeople in here.
Get them trained up and all you have to do.

It’s pick and choose from the talent pool and make sure that you have the tools accessible, but they’re gon na be successful, because even after I leave I’ll still be working with these people.

You know they said yesterday we take everything in-house.
I do it my way and whenever I hear one of them say that I always chuckle inside, because what ends up happening is around six to eight months later, when I go back to that store, there’s a brand new general manager.
There I share with him the experience that I had with the previous one.

He sees where his mistake was and guess what he does man.
Let’s say that I have to talk about this, and most of those are a lot of those are my dealer clients today too much product and lack of willingness to understand that the same way, the advertising department puts together those commercials on television as those radio ads To attract the right type of customers, there are companies and people such as myself, who take that same approach, who put in that same, if not more effort to attracting in there and bringing in quality people.
Because to me you have to focus as much if not more, on the quality of the people.

You have in the store, because your marketing or your advertising to work perfectly and you can get droves of customers quality potential clients in your dealership.
But if you have the wrong people engaging with them the marketing guy, let’s go down the drain.
You missed out on tons of opportunities, you don’t make your competitors richer and that’s corporate suicide.

So one thing I wish dealerships will realize their area of expertise is helping.

People make smart, safe, buying decisions and helping them drive off.
Excuse me and the vehicles that they want.

An automotive dealership is not a recruiting and training hub.
It’s not and many times they lack the staff and the time to actually give these people to TLC the number one reason people quit differently dinner tinsica, they feel lost, they’ve lost their confidence and they don’t feel like anybody cares.
Am i helping them be successful and as unfortunate as this may sound it’s true, the GM is so busy.

He has no idea that his people are being treated like stepchild being disrespected and talked to like pieces of crap, but yet when he gets that bad pink slip and being let go, he begins to reflect.
He begins to see, or she begins to see then when they move on.

Hopefully they learn from the mistake, which is this: the game has changed.

This is the new Erica time and effort within the dealership should be spent helping those customers, because I’ve seen stores again not as much traffic as sort of maybe up the road but close far more sales hole, far more growth and maintain far more successful teams.
Why? Because their main focus is on their people, they let others do what they do best to help them do what they do best.
If you help people buy vehicles best and drive up in quality vehicles best speak to them, and if there are people who specialize and attracting and bringing in quality talent who are skill and a qualified to train and educate these people, you have to be willing to Expand your mind, your thing and at least hear it out.

You know what baffles me.
I see dealerships that bad customers give us another shot.
They tell their sales team call this person back follow up with them.

Stay on them.
Do all of those things.
If the customer has a bad experience, getting back in the store, get them back in here now everything they want that guest that comes to their store to do or everything that they are unwilling to do whenever somebody approaches them with an opportunity.

It is baffles me, but it also helps me understand why our sales team struggles and sucks many times I mean even the garbage – can guess the stakes or some dealerships move some units because they’re the closest ones in the area.

They have exactly what the person wants and they’re gon na probably sell it for the lowest price.
Why? Because the sales team lacks the skill, the confidence and the ability to not just negotiate price with the just about price, by increasing value.

By really educating this person on the new ways that business is done, educating them on that these vehicles are discounted right out the gate, the need for negotiation that ended.
You know ten years ago, things have changed as a matter of fact.
The fact that you saw the price online as in compared to everyone else is what got you in so we’ve already.

Given you a discounted price to minimize the length of time that you have to be here and really just to help, you focus on landing on what it is.
That’s gon na best fit your needs because at the end of the day, there’s no such thing as a good deal on the wrong vehicle, but most of those people don’t know how to educate them and talk about that.
Most sales managers don’t even know how to do it, and yet the person that suffers is this GM, so number one lack of focus on sales team or the lack of having the right people on the seat of the bus.

To really do that number: two, not enough consistent sales training watching some modules or send them in a two or three day or a week-long class there’s nowhere near enough and if you’re expecting these people to go home and train, you know it’s not gon na happen.
It’s not going to happen, but if you leave with the carrot, as opposed to the weather – and you really give these people the inspiration, the motivation and the education to go out there and get it done, what you’ll see is their confidence will increase their their better.
Their results will get better and improve.

I eat your results at the dealership will improve your profits will improve, which means your ability to maintain that position a lot longer.
It gets that much better and the third thing is this: unwilling to adapt change, and this aren’t my thing: these are what dealer groups told me as to why they had to let go of so many people, I’m willing to accept change.
The fact that matter is things have changed.

This is 2016 and those days of listen.
Customers have to bow down to what we say or trying to run these types of mind games that we that are, and we went through art our parents went to our grandparents.
Would think that stuff doesn’t work anymore? These people are too smart.

Folks need to be given sales consulting real world techniques, real talking points, real methods that they can apply, and I highly encourage you it’s better to act now than later, so you have the opportunity and whether you interact do business with me.
This is not a sales pitch.
This is an education pitch, because what I, when I tell ETM when they need their buck up or they may have an attitude and no matter how successful I am methods you know it’s just like some customers.

You can’t please everybody.
Some little storm also work, but whenever I walk out of a store with a general manager, that is even unwilling to listen how he may be able, she may be able to increase the performance of their dealership.
I immediately start the clock ticking and what many of them lack the understanding of is that I’ll be there when they’re gone? That’s what they don’t get, so you not they’re not affecting me or companies like me, they’re only hurting themselves, because this is what I do.

There were moves in the pudding, but for them you know.
They’re they’re, like mine, their employment depends on the quality of the people to have in a store, and so the willingness to at least listen to determine.
If this may be a value, is you know one of the most priceless things, a thing that you could possibly do? If you are a GM, so here’s things you want to keep it all number one.

If you have sales, managers and GSM that are handling higher, make sure you at least get them educated, send them to some training classes, because it really is a unique skill.
Also number: two: if you don’t have a consistent training plan list and a one-hour sales meeting every day of the week is not sales training, it’s a meal.
Typically, it’s a big house session, whether you’re going over how piss-poor somebody did how bad they sucked and how many numbers with this, and they don’t have their meeting that go-getter.

That is the most unproductive things I see going on in a lot of stores, but be focused on consistently having them work on their skills.
Put different contests up.
You have walking around contests where whoever does the best walk around, gets a hundred dollar prize and guess what maybe not even the best.

Whoever does a five-star walk around kid 100.
Bucks that way, everybody’s motivated or has passed out, worksheets or particular makes and models with quizzes or understand taking right now, whoever we can get it back here with all the answers right, standing right here within the next minute wins a gift card to me guys.
I don’t know whatever what do we want to use so focused on sales? Training number three be willing to listen.

There are a lot of good companies and good sales trainers out there that are really doing great things, so listen observe you may find out that they can help save you, thousands by coming in they’re, bringing the talent to your store, getting them educated and giving you The freedom to stop buying those ass spending, thousands of dollars on that stop paying people, guarantees and drawers that you’re, never gon na recoup back and really only do what people who want to be in this business, who have been educated, the right way and given the Tools to succeed, if you do those three things, I’m sure when I pop into your store you’ll still be there.

But if you don’t, I’m pretty sure I’ll be talking to you replacement.
So hey if you’d like to know how our sales professionals of America recruiting can help you visit our dot? U s or give me the call at nine.

Oh four, four three, eighty, eight five, five six and let’s go over some.
You know quick details gets do some fact, finding I’ll give you some pricing up options and, let’s see how sell professionals of America can go to work and help you alright other than that, I’m Brian Maxwell.
I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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