3 Reason People Choose to Buy From Another Dealership

Hey Brian Maxwell here and I want to share with you three reasons why people choose to buy from one dealership over the other.

Many people believe that it comes down to price, but what we’ve done is we spoke with over three hundred and forty buying customers to find out what was the real reason why they chose one dealership over the other, because comparing apples to apples a vehicle is what It is nobody’s dealership, has one special, unique, but a model that has the flux capacitor to take you back in time and help you switch in the dimensions.

It’s just not so they are all made the exact same way.
Then they get them from the manufacturer.

For the same price, so what is it that motivates a person to buy from one dealership over the other, we’re looking for you? What I’ve done is I’ve laid out the three reasons that were given to me by more than three hundred and forty buying customers, and when you find out what it is, it is gon na completely blow you away.
So let’s get started number one.
The number one reason why people decide well one of the reasons why people decides about one a dealership over the other one is because you only get one chance to make a first impression and many customers said they were turned off initially, when the sales rep approached Them there was no smile on their face.

They had no energy, no enthusiasm, they didn’t even seem like they enjoy where they were when they approached a person.
They started talking to him about credit downpayment.
If they’re looking to buy today before they even introduced themselves.

I’ve got this individuals name, you see people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.
So when we’re going out to to greet somebody knowing that their anxiety is already on high on the way coming in, we have to make sure that we have thought this thing out and that everything we say is to increase our perception and the mind of that.
Customer now, how was that done that, when you greet somebody, you want to welcome to your dealership, thank them for coming out, introduce yourself by giving your name, which makes it easier for them to get you theirs? Okay, once you receive that find out if they have an appointment or if they’re there to see anybody in particular before you just start trying to get to sell anything if it is their first time.

Thank them again for coming.
Ask them which one of the vehicles would they like information on once they share it to you, ask them tell them a list and follow me on this side.

I’m gon na ask you a few questions and I’ll get you all the information we on that particular vehicle.

Okay, if it is an appointment, walk them inside ask them if they like any coffee or water.
As you go, get the person have the appointment with.
Typically, the first impression is so poor that the person says you know what just your typical salesperson.

I knew it and they’re turned off and then it’s an uphill battle from there.
So number one is making sure that we’re approaching and greeting people the right way number two okay.
This is critical, which is that people buy based off 90 percent of motion and we back it up with 10 percent logic.

If you’re trying to help people by logically you’re gon na struggle, because as human beings we’re not logical thinkers, if we work, we wouldn’t eat meat, we wouldn’t drink, probably wouldn’t drink alcohol, we would smoke cigarettes.
We wouldn’t do any of that thing, but man that steak with the fat owners from a1 sauce shown up tastes.
Good and my goodness do.

I need three cars.
Knowing I can only drive one.
No, but man just me having them says a lot about my status.

So, as you see, we make decisions based off the emotional reason and we back it over logic, so, what’s more important than what your customers think about you, the product in your store is how they feel what are their objections? What are they tronic? I mean their objectives: what are they trying to get accomplished? What are their goals? These are things that we have to find out during the qualifying process after we invited them in and sat them down.
So many people just want to interrogate and go straight through and just asking questions about the vehicle know without finding out what the objectives are, what the goals are finding out, what they’re actually looking for.
So that way, we can tailor make the specific option we have for them.

That will provide value and benefit them the more benefit, and we can show them them make them feel either confident um, profitable, um feel like a big shot whatever it is, people buy.
Ninety percent, based off emotion and back in over ten percent logic, remember something people hate to be sold, but they love to buy.
So just keep that in mind.

It’s all about emotion, backed up with ten percent logic, and energy and enthusiasm is contagious, so be mindful of what type of energy you’ll bring it to the table.
How was your facial expression? How was your mind? Are you there to genuinely help somebody or make a commission, because this goes off? You’ll have been in front of someone said man? I got a bad vibe off of him.
Well, Bob is the abbreviation of vibration, which means that you’re radiating, negative energy and, at the end of the day, that’s not beneficial for anybody.

So make sure you be mindful people about 90 % based off emotion and back it up with 10 % logic.
Okay – and the third point is the option that they’ve been provided and at no benefit of no value and here’s.

Why? Many times the sales rep has the customer on the wrong vehicle? Why? Because we failed to fully understand, what’s going on.

Ok, it does not matter because, at the end of the day, if you put the right customer on the wrong vehicle, no matter how great your presentation is, it’s never gon na fly and, at the end of the day, that customer is the judge and jury of What a good deal is so making sure that when we get them in and we sit them down and we are truly identifying to make sure that the option that we present for them as true value and true benefit to them to their family.
And whatever is that they’re trying to get done now? How do we do this by making them a part of the process? It’s a partnership.
It’s not hey.

Let me go see my closest person down.
If you have that approach – or if you hear people talking like that, like I’m gon na, go out there and close this customer down, no, because that time that you spend with them, no matter how much money they have or you have you all – will never be Aided by that bag, and at the end of the day, they can go someplace else and spend their money and invest their money.
You were at your one store, and the last thing you should be doing is doing an excellent presentation to make it easy for a sales, rep someplace else.

So keep the main thing, the main thing, and that is making sure that, based on the information they provide you with, and you get in with your manager and working with your with your guests or with your customer that when you go out to show them a Vehicle you know that, based on the features that this particular vehicle has the things that it can do, that it can provide value for your customer and that you can articulate and point that out, so that when you’re doing your presentation, when you speak about a particular Feature you can point out what the feature is, what life was like without it and how happen it will help them benefit and achieve this specific goal.
If you keep those things in mind, you’ll do just fine.
Now the kicker is this: even if you work at a dealership and your managers have never trained you, which happens to a lot of people, they get sold a dream, delivered a nightmare to talk about all this money, that’s being made all the training they don’t get And then, when they get there and thrown to the wolves, if that’s you, you can still increase selves, and I encourage you to join me.

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These were the three reasons why people bought from one dealership over the other and hopefully based off what you learn in this video.

These are mistakes that you won’t meet and, as a bonus tip, let me throw this in there to silly questions you can ask when you greet somebody is how you doing it.
Can I help you? Can I help you’re saying? Can I do for you what my dealership hired me to do and how are you doing without us knowing what happened in their life either positive or negative? We could be setting ourselves up to take this person through a negative mental trip as we’re supposed to keep them as positive possible, as we take them down the process pathway.
So because of what you said when you greet somebody welcome a handshake and a smile could take you far far much farther they can.

I help you how you doing watch it.
Why do you think it’s on the floor mat of a house when your guests come over cuz, you want to feel comfortable, so make sure register for the event.

Tips like these and much much more.

We gon na be going in to to help you dominate at your dealership, so click the link register for the event, I’m Brian Maxwell and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership does it feel, like you were putting in the time at your dealership, but Not getting the results does it feel like you’re digging yourself out of a hole every month.

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