3 Power Closes to Overcome Price Objections

Morning Brian Maxwell here um, you may be familiar with – who I am you might have seen.

Some of my videos may have attended a sales training program or may work for a company that I do.
Sales training, for I might have even hired you or you may have never heard of me before at the end of the day.
They don’t want to talk about the reason why I’m making this video this morning, it’s because I’ve been hearing a lot of people get stuck in the middle of doing the deal at a dealership with a customer is saying that it costs too much it’s too expensive.

The price is too high and in today’s economic climate too many salespeople are hearing someone say: oh that’s too expensive, that’s too high and then they’re spending too much time trying to justify it and what you want to realize in a selling situation that there’s always two Sales going on one cell is them selling you all the reason why they can’t and you selling them or giving them a good enough reason as to why they not only can but why they should, as long as it provides value.
So what I want to do, I’m gon na give you three closes that you can use to be able to overcome the price objection if it comes up and I’m gon na be putting out videos for the next week.
One will be talking about some of the most common objections that customers use and kind of help it to feed you and fill your mouth up with the words to say, because why is it that people are nervous when they’re going up to approach someone or why Do people get really nervous and start sweating when it’s time to start asking for the money they don’t know what to say so, the better you you understand, you know what to say.

You feed your mouth.
You fill your mind, you practice it.
You repeat it.

You practice, if you repeat it, you practice that you repeat it you’ll be able to just roll them off.
I remember when I started my Chevy store myself and two other guys.
We had this game where we would hit each other with an objection, and if we couldn’t overcome it literally within 15 seconds, you had to put 50 cents inside the jar at the end of the week.

Whoever has the least amount of screw-ups, because we kept a tally.
You got a chance to keep the product so find yourself, some money that you all can just throw rebuttals off with or throw objections out with.
What do you use your kids? Your spouse, a co-worker friend family member, doesn’t matter so number.

One okay realize what that is.
When someone sells you that the price is too high, that is not an objection.
You know that is it’s just a complaint.

Now, what salespeople drop the ball is that when you make the price being too high big deal, it’s definitely gon na become a big deal to them, get into it out there.
Why? Because they’re so used to dealing with weak sales people as soon as they say? Oh man, that’s too high sales for nothing.
That was a statement.

It wasn’t even a question.
A weak sales.
First start: okay, wait.

Wait, wait, wait! Wait! Let me see what we can do.
Okay, all right.
If I need my manager to decrease in $ 5,000 or if I can get your payment dropped by $ 25, you know that that guests over there that customer sitting there man, if that’s all, I have to do to get them.

Jumping like this.
I wonder what they’ll do if I say something else.
If I complain on something else next, you know they beat you down.

They walk out with the deal you’re humiliated because you pretty much gave away the whole firm and didn’t get anything in return, doesn’t have to be that way, be cautious of what a statement is and what a question is if the guest or the customer is not Asking you to a question: you have no reason to respond if they’re making statements a lot of time, what they’re doing is they’re justifying it to themselves in their mind.
So if you present someone with numbers – and they say – oh man – that’s too high and you say what wait wait.
Wait you just screwed up because when they say that’s too high what they’re really doing this end man, I really like it.

I didn’t expect to pay that much whoo.
How many times have you been a store picked? Something up got to the register found out that the price was more than what you expected more than what you probably wanted to pay for it, but you went ahead and got it anyway.
Why? Because you were already committed to buy it.

You were in bond mode, so a few extra bucks.
Really it’s no big deal if the value is there, okay, so the next time someone tells you the price is too high.

Here’s the first thing you want to do.

I thought let the agreeing closed and you should agree on everything, but this one is Shirin sweet.
You know if you’re presented with that, hey, listen! All I need you to do is initial right.
There we can go ahead and get the detailed apartment get your vehicle.

Prep Prime ready for you eyes right out and start enjoying the evening.

Oh that price is too high.
You know what I totally agree with.

You go ahead, an issue right here and right there.
Now, where sales people talk about, they say a price to our.
You say all no serious, nothing it.

You have to realize that they believe that is too high and you start telling them as now and they believe they’re intelligent person, you’re insulting them you’re.
Not here I don’t fight, you know you don’t get paid to fight, never fight, just right, okay, so that’s it that price.
Do I you know I totally agree.

All I need you to do is just initial right here right.

There now go ahead and get it ready.

It’s no big deal number two! Oh yeah.
I know Brian, like I said that that price is just too high.

You know it again.

I mean I totally get it um.
I wish I could say that everybody comes in here and sees this just loves the price soon, as they see it, jump right on it, but you wan na know something.
You know this won’t be the first time and it definitely won’t be the last time that you spend a little bit more to what you expected.

So just go ahead, an issue right there see when you agree with them and then just one listen.
This won’t be the first time, and it won’t be the last time that you invest in something you know spend more than what you expected to spend for it.
So just go ahead, an issue right here and right there, because it’s not a big deal and think about it.

And when you look at a person, when you sit down they’re telling you they don’t buy, they don’t make decisions prices your eyes, look at them.
Look at the watch stemware and look at the shoes.
They wear.

Look at the shirt, you’re wearing look at the vehicle they drove up in look at what they’re drinking are they smoking? What this means is that this person not only has bought before they buy all the time you have to start looking for things like that, because a lot of sales people say oh nobody’s buying these people are gon na buy them.
I have the money as they come in with some brand new nice shoes on nice, pants or dress on you know, drove in a nice vehicle, nice watch or a nice chain and earrings, but they don’t buy.
You know, prices is really their most important.

Concern come on, price will always be important, but when the value matches or exceeds price price becomes a little bit less relevant, but it takes skill to do that.
So you want to learn to agree okay now.
The third thing is appreciate the fact clothes.

So the first one is just hey.
Listen, I agree, that’s the agreeable clothes, the second one is, it won’t be the first and it won’t be the last.

The third one is to appreciate the fact.

So you know listen.
You know.
I really do like this vehicle.

Prime, but it’s just too much money, you know what I totally do agree with you as far as the amount of money, but you should appreciate the fact that you can come in here and you can afford to invest and the vehicle like this there’s people that Are starving and wish to take a ride as nice as you and your family do so go ahead.
Continue to treat yourself.
All I need you to do is an issue right there you know or if listen, you’ll, pat yourself on the back, because you and your partner are you and put yourself in a position where you can make an investment like this and you can ride it.

A nice vehicle with so many different benefits, there’s others that wish they could do the same.
So pat yourself on the back.
I commend you for that.

So all I need for us to go ahead and get you rolling.
Is just your initials right here right there, the quickest way to not to chip off my shoulders to have them to take a bow, so you want to start putting closes to your member.
You know different closes to your memory.

It takes to flee between five to twelve times.
You may have to ask someone for the sale in multiple different ways.
You don’t want to just keep asking the same exact way but they’re thinking on when people go to get lunch.

The opening comes with some money.
In his lunch, Eli, hey, listen where you want to go, they say how many come over wherever I want to go wherever.

Where do you want to go? Oh, we got Wendy’s, we got five times, we got McDonald’s got Burger King and we got a subway.

Oh, you know what I eat all of those just choose, not a two people, the two adults go back and forth back and forth back and forth.
Nobody wants to make the decision for lunch.
Why? Because they’re afraid of making the wrong decision and risk hearing, the complaint of someone else are being unsatisfied now, if we’re, if it’s difficult, was to make a decision over up six or seven dollar lunch.

Imagine a twenty thirty! Forty, fifty thousand dollar bonuses.
So what are your sales people say all of the cars just sell themselves.

Nobody, though these owners and general managers are very, very smart and in an effort to maximize profits.

If the vehicles sold themselves, they will land them all up fire every salesperson in there.
Let a customer come in and pick it and just keep all the money they don’t.

They’ll always need people like you and I to help make that decision so make sure you download the 25 closes.

I’ve got a posted here on LinkedIn on the social media outlets.

I got a link on YouTube, go check, Instagram on listen comment.
If you agree with what I said you like, when I said, opposed to comment like it and share.

If you hate everything, I said you don’t like me, you can’t stand this burgundy shirt.
You don’t like the sound of my voice, tell me how much you hate it post it in the conference.
Other than that.

If you have feedback and additional closes and information, I can help people share it.
Social media is to be social, some people get on and they just want to talk about them them.
I just want to give to you and, if you’re, a general manager, general sales manager, owner of a dealership, listen the lifeline of your business is good people and reach out.

If you need get people or you want to get them trained up at the end of the day, I’m one of the best in the business at what I do, that’s not to be cocky or arrogant, it’s just the truth and I’m extremely committed and passionate, because I know how good this business is, and I know it takes the right people want to be in it, but who are trained up the right way and a lot of times.
Some businesses believe that you’re coming in to replace something or it’s this risky deal or like they don’t need it.

Everybody needs training, man, everybody and so really it’s not doing a service to the business.

It’s doing a disservice.
It’s so counterproductive when I see businesses that want to increase sales, but you say have you invested any things that their training and development? No, I leave that up to them and I told them to go to youtube as they were, that focus they would be working for you right now, they’d be out running their own companies and businesses like you and I are so reach out.
You can give me a call.

My information is listed, shoot me an email or a message.
Let’s talk to see what we can do to help your business, just somebody that is in sales, shoot me a message post me a comment.
I’ll get you anything I can to help you out start closing more deals other than that listen laughs, loud, stay, positive, every day, wake up and watch something read something do something to make you that much more powerful and better than you were yesterday, all right, Brian Maxwell look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

You stay positive, stay happy and I catch y’all next time, all right, John, don’t get sold by the customers.
There’s two sales going on.
Don’t let them sell you don’t do it.

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