3 Levels to Close More Sales and Sell More Cars

Dang, what’s going on brian maxwell checking in with you the country’s reopened people back at their dealerships and i’m just excited – and i know you are too i’m checking in right now from i-95 toyota in brunswick georgia and we’re getting it rocking and rolling.

But it’s been a while, since i put something out there at you so today i got something a little special.

I’m gon na give you the three keys to making sure that, as you engage and interact with your customers, you are maximizing your opportunities.

You are helping your guests, your customers feel comfortable and you are giving yourself the best chance possible to be able to convert that customer and generate that business.

Okay, so step number one getting right into it: confidence now that should be self-explanatory, but it’s really not now confidence is that thing that gives you that it’s that internal belief, that when you step up to approach a person, you are confident with what your intent is.
Confidence does not mean that you know everything about the vehicle.

Confidence does not mean that you know exactly what they’re going to say.

Confidence means that you know that your intent, you are confident that your intention, that your purpose, that what you’re there to do for them is to help them or to save them money or whatever it is.
But you want to make sure that you have confidence in your intention.

At the end of the day, people don’t care much.

We know until they know how much we care.

So one of the things i always stress to sales people, especially those that are new, just getting started in the game, only been in the future for a few months.

That lack confidence.

If you want to boost your confidence, make your objective is that you to do everything you can to help this customer make a smart, safe, buying decision? That’s it you can commit to those confidently.
You can’t guarantee that you’re saving money.

You cannot guarantee that they don’t get the vehicle that they wanted.

They may not qualify for it, but the one thing that you can confidently approach every customer with is that you are there to help them, make a smart, safe, buying decision now.
What else is it that helps the confidence is competence? Now, what does competence mean? Competence mean knowing what it is that you are doing, knowing your process having an understanding of your product, the services you offer and what comes with it? Now, how do you develop your competence? Your confidence is developed through study.
At the end of the day until we die the day, we stop.

Learning is actually the day that we start dying, okay, and so we should be constantly honing our skills developing our craft, and you know something if you’re at a dealership that offers zero training nobody’s, helped you.
That is no excuse, because you have access to the biggest library in the world.

It’s called google, it’s called youtube, okay and on those sites, you have access to tons of tremendous videos.

Just like this, for those of you who have been following me for a while.

You’ve been watching my videos for years, you’ve seen people who started off watching the video who are general managers now owning dealerships now making over a hundred thousand dollars a year.
Now? Why? Because they got out, they were searching for ways to increase their confidence and they did that by improving their confidence by finding and utilizing powerful, effective word tracks that help a customer.

That’s about to leave the lot not only stay, but be willing to come in to help that person that may be on the fence not only make the decision to buy, but do it comfortably and confidently.

You know increases your competency where it’s not just a one-night stand with this person.

It’s a long-term relationship wherever you’re able to help them their family members, their friends, some of their co-workers, make that same smart, say money-saving buying decision, so competence is key.

Now we bring this all home with patience, you see right now.
We live in, what’s called the microwave culture, where everybody wants everything now, the first day a person steps into the dealership, they expect to sell twenty units a month, make ten thousand dollars a month.

Get the demo vehicle and get the employer to my parking space all without proving themselves or developing a track record at all.

No patience, and you know what they say.
Patience is a what virtue.
Okay, now you have to be patient, because rome wasn’t built in a day and you do not eat a sandwich in one bite i mean unless it’s like a white castle or a crystal burger, if you’re familiar with that – and you got a really big mouth but Wrong wasn’t built in a day.

It takes time now how much time it takes solely depends on your willingness or unwillingness to push yourself beyond your limits to shorten your learning curve and get out here and perform at a high level.
I’ve seen people with zero automotive experience, zero automotive, technical knowledge go out and within 90 days, not only be the number one producer on the store in the store be the highest grossing producer in the store.
Why? Because they were patient, they developed their competence which overwhelmingly improve their confidence.

Okay, so you want to be patient.
I know you want to get to that 10 grand.
I know you want to be see yourself from the top of that board.

I know you want to be able to go, buy that house.
I know you want to be able to tell your family that you made the right choice getting into business, but yet it seems like while you’re there it’s like it’s taking forever to get it up.
Hell you’re barely, maybe breaking drunk.

You know what i’m saying.
If, if you have a draw at all okay, you might be at a feast or famine store, regardless of the case, just because you make the decision today to start getting better and learning you have to.
Let the process run its course.

It’s like the chinese bamboo tree.

Do you know that when you bury the chinese bamboo tree in the ground, it takes five years for the chinese bamboo tree to break through the surface, but then it takes 60 days to grow 90 feet.

Think of that so for five years the chinese bamboo tree.

Imagine a neighbor, that’s water in the same spot, every day, every day for five years you don’t see anything come up to the ground.

You don’t think that person’s insane about year, four to just see mr johnson standing over this dirt spot watering it every day but nothing’s come up, but then guess what at four years, 11 months and 30 days boom breaks through the ground it breaks through.
Then it grows 90 feet.

You know why it took five years is because the roots of the bamboo tree had to dig themselves deep enough to create a firm foundation so that, as it grows to its height, whenever those rough winds and those gusts come through in those storms, it is strong Enough to withstand the pressure and make it through and guess what you are like a chinese bamboo tree and what you’re doing with patience, developing your confidence, which is digging your roots in letting them spread.
You know creating a strong foundation so that, when you’re out interacting with customers engaging with people, you are confident that you can withstand the pressure and that no matter what comes you’re strong enough to stand tall without getting blown down.

Okay, so to be successful in sales.

To be successful at your dealership to be successful in your life, you have to be confident, competent and patient, so that means utilizing your patience to develop your competence, which ultimately will build your confidence and to help you expedite the process to help you boost your confidence To help you drastically increase your confidence in the description of this video is a link and i’d like you to click it and go over and check it out.

Those in this business knows me for creating training and developing monster, top-notch salespeople men and women around the country and around the world.

Men and women that utilize the different tools and resources that are available to you on this next page.

Send emails text messaging videos thanking not me not just me but themselves for making the decision to at least look and learn, and it’s available to you.
So i’m not going to beat you over the head with it at the end of the day.

Some will some won’t so what? But i will tell you this.

If you want to have the confidence, you can stand strong and withstand the pressure, stand taller for under pressure, and you want to build your competence up, because you know that you and your family deserve it.

You know that your bank account desires it.
You know that your heart yearns for it, click that link in the description go on over and start treating yourself instead of cheating yourself.

We just saw what it looks like when a pandemic happened, and we don’t know when it’s going to happen again.

Do you want to get caught with your pants down next time? No, so we’re going to do everything we can to offset the balance of this beam and we’re going to build our skills up to generate enough.

So if it happens again, we are good to go.
No matter six months or a year we’ll have what we need to sustain all right.
So thank you for watching i’m brian maxwell and i’m back baby so make sure you check it in tuning in and get ready to take off, but click that link going over.

And i look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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