2 of the Worst Places to Find Sales People for Your Dealership

Hi Brian Maxwell, here you may be familiar with who I am maybe you’re, not I’m the owner of sales professionals of America recruiting and in this video I’m going to share with you two of the worst places to firing salespeople for your dealership.

If you’re a general sales manager, a general manager or an owner, this is especially important and I’m sure you’ll understand and feel everything that I’m saying and today’s competitive age we gross profit margins, getting slimmer competition, getting tighter you.
It requires that a dealership staffs their sales team up with articulate customer focus proactive driven people, because today’s customers coming in one as much as they can and for as little with it as they can and they’re far more informed they’ve got years on years.
On years of learning to watch out for the sleazy snake, oil salesman type car people right, so you got to have the right person hoping that customer there’s nothing that costs the dealership more than having the wrong people per person, hoping the right customer as a matter Of fact, when you’re looking for salespeople for your dealership, it really requires the same type of marketing efforts that goes out into advertising to drive the right customers into your dealership.

It should be taken with that approach, if not twice as hard, because you can have all of the great customers coming in to your dealership, but again, if you’ve got the wrong person helping the right customer all of that money.
All of those resources go down the drain and do you know who’s left, holding the bag, the general managers and most cases if I’ve seen it too many times where a general manager is there one month, and then I stop by again just to see if there’s Anything I can do and three months later, there’s on – and I say man I really could probably could have helped him save his job, but it’s not that he didn’t do or she didn’t do.
The right thing is that they had the wrong people in their business.

That never should have been there.
So, let’s talk about it number one.
A lot of stores still use these career sites.

You know zip recruiter and indeed their career builder and monster and those can be extremely expensive.
The reason why, as you already know, you have to pay those jobs has to be up there and on sites like indeed where you’re paying every time some person clicks on that ad.

It’s costing you money now we’re dealerships.

Primary objective is to increase gross profit margin to spend unnecessary money on a turn meal of recruiting is to me it just doesn’t make good business sense, but some dealerships do it just because they don’t have a process or a situation in place to be able to Resolve that, but typically you run those ads out there and you’ve got people that will submit their resume and click on every open job in the area.
And then what happens? Let’s say one resume really jumps out, they say: well, we this person’s got everything we need.
They come in, they got on the right suit or the right pants suit or dress, and they got the right things to say they lift the party.

You say: oh, we got a winner here.
This is going to be a 20-car mum producer.
They come in and then they’re gone in two weeks or they come in and they’re a good.

Why? Because they’re, what you call a professional interviewer they’ve been on so many interviews because they got they resume all over the place that they know what to say.
They know how to dress.
They know exactly how to get you excited enough to give them an opportunity to bring them on board.

How many times at your store, have you had so much? You just knew was going to be the guy or the gal.
That was going to make it happen and they didn’t stay two weeks then say a full month.
We have you, invested money in training, you invested money and paying them a draw or a guarantee.

You invested money in advertising for customers that come onto your life, that these people gave a half-ass effort and they left so now you never get an opportunity to recoup that investment, and it doesn’t have to be that way.
These career building sites are extremely costly just because of the fact that the people that are on them, you know, let’s be real, how many people as a kid said when they grow up.
They just want to sell cars, and so most people still have a negative perception of what a car salesman or a sales professional where the dealership is, but they got a rent or a light bill at a paycheck I mean I know household to take care of.

So they’ll tell you: oh I love it.
Oh yeah I’ve been want to do this for long time from the day they start they already got.
They resume on indeed or Careerbuilder, or one of those job boards.

Looking for the next big thing, they just wanted to get one or two paychecks from you to help them keep the lights on pay that car note so they can get to and from the next job.
They’re gon na leave you and go to those job.
Boards and career boards are extremely costly, go start paying attention to your budget and see how much you’re spending running on those sites every day to get somebody that just graduated high school that did nails or somebody they’re, just that that twenty eight years old and and You know only Walter dogs are not saying that you can’t find good people, but you – and I both know to be successful in this business.

You got ta have the right people that want to be in it to understand what it takes in is willing to do.
What it takes Craigslist is another place.
I cannot understand why any company would put their positions on Craigslist.

It really devalues the company big time.
If I’m somebody that I know is a producer and a hitter, and I see you looking for people on Craigslist and I consider myself to be extremely skilled – I don’t know if I want to go there, because that just seems like it’s just a high turnover mill And a lot of stores are why, for exactly the reasons, I’m giving right now hiring people off these job board sites that you know what, while you hire them, there’s two other companies that call them back for an interview or two other companies.
They interview with that they’re just waiting on their drug test to clear and they’re gon na jump out, so these job boards can be expensive, prevent reproduce, poor results and you’re getting people that are looking for a job but J OB which stands for just over broke.

Rather than people that are looking for a career that I don’t that overstand what this business selling that the dealership can really give to you, okay, so you really want to channel and pay attention to that another place that people use that I’ve seen has produced poor Results as these career days and, of course, every once in a while, the diamond-in-the-rough slips through there, but for the most part, a lot of people are unemployed because they’re unemployable.

So these career fairs and all of these things that people have they yield horrible horrible results.
For the same reason, I just gave they’re looking for a job.

They can care less about being in this business.
They don’t want to fill cars.
As a matter of fact, there was a way they can get out of right now and go someplace where they was only making 10 15 17 20 dollars an hour.

Many of them would but again nobody else is willing to take the chance that a lot of dealerships take and there’s a reason for that.
There’s a reason for that.
If you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing again, it’s just as important, if not more, to make sure you get the right people so using those job boards and using those different type of you know, career days and inviting people all in, and those are Two two ways that can cost money to do both a lot of money.

If it’s not done the right way, one of the best ways to bring people into your store, one of them is it you ever paid attention to how higher the success rate is.
When a current team member brings in someone else that they know, that’s always the probability of success right, there jumps up over 35 % because they know this person.
They trust this person nine times out of here.

This person is giving them the good the bad, the ugly, the in between and people tend to have more of a commitment skin in the game, because they do know this person personally and don’t want to embarrass them or let them down.
If you are looking for good people, try to get your team to send them over or reach out to a company that has a track record of bringing good people.
As a matter of fact, if you know your sales team, you want good people, or should I say you want better people that are more profitable, more productive to increase your return on investment stay a lot longer.

Have positive attitudes? Send me a message: this is business and I’m very passionate about what I do, because I know it has about onions and I’m the general sales manager infinity equals friend.
Just got done fly you know they want to us here with instructor Brian.
He lists some excellent results.

I would highly recommend this whole process in one interested in bringing in good quality salespeople to this path and looking to retain and limb having some knowledge and drive and commitment to the business.

We had a Sales Professional of America recruiting Brian Maxwell, he did an outstanding job, smooth transition, everybody was happy, the whole dealership feel successful and you should definitely look about the given opportunity all right.

fellow folks, general sales manager 100 Avenue want to give props of web brian maxwell sales, professional america, this guy on the kid 100 % people in here to get him trained up.
Men work entering the second to none, that’s what we do.
A dealerships responsibility is to help people solve their transportation problems when i do without help dealership solve their sales team problems period, you’re grading, what you do.

I’ve been in that world performed better than a high level, and now this is my area of expertise.
So when you put the two together, it doesn’t replace anything.
The dealership does its only thing it does replace.

Is it eliminates this manager’s having to be off the desk for hours meeting with person after person? Is it real imitates the dealership having to throw so much money and guarantees and draws down the drain having the wrong person that they only talk to for 20, 30, 45 minutes or an hour? Now they get a chance to evaluate, watch and see people for a number of days in their dealerships role plan.
Getting things done, so they make better educated hiring decisions and when you’ve got people that are trained, the right way that are motivated to be there.
Have the experience in the business and know that sales is there currently? So when you use me work with me or not, I highly recommend you at least explore.

As a matter of fact, shoot me a message.
Give me a phone call, just tip it.
If it’ll make your dealership money, bring you good people, save you all.

Sometimes it’s a release worth five minutes to your time.
So shoot me a message.
Give me a call.

Let me see what we can do for you, but try to watch out for those job boards and any of those career fair days.

Try to get referrals from your team or find an organization or company that specializes in networks of sales, people that specialize and bringing people getting to prepare that generator project for your dealership and you watch what the results will be you’ll.

Thank me later.

Brian Maxwell sales professionals of America recruiting coming at you again.
I appreciate you for being here.
Give me a message shoot me a call, and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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