You all know what time it is yeah, it’s quick brew time.

What’s going on everyone, frelin arts, subprime hero today is 10.2020.

It’s already six days into the tenth month.

The rest of your life, wow time’s, going by fast, take advantage of every moment.
Do not waste it so today my quick tip, my quick brew was actually inspired by a conversation i just had with my one of my favorite mentors ever one of my best friends, matt damos.

Now we were just talking about creating change in this world now, in order for you to create change, you need to start in your own home and that’s going to be my quick brew, for you create change in your own home start there, and the reason why It’s important is because you have to start by changing yourself first, once you create that change, then you can change your wife, your spouse, your children, you let them know that change.
You help them create that change.

That becomes a effect where it spreads out.

Just like a spider web, imagine that your kids, then they talk to their friends about this change that needs to happen.

Then it keeps going now.
You go out to your friends, you talk to your friends and it keeps just blossoming from there, but you have to start there.

You can’t think of the big picture.
Now the big picture is great and it’s going to be hard.
It almost seems impossible to get there, because it’s so big that change that you know that needs to happen in this world that needs to happen in your life that maybe even needs to happen just at work right.

Whatever that change is you have to start in your home first make it happen, make it your life, make it your heart when you do that, and you show that to your friends and you make it happen, and your friends do that to their friends, and they Do it with their families and they do it in their homes and then they spread it out.

The world can change, but it all starts with one step that first step.
When you take that first step, it just keep going and you keep going and i promise you by the time you finish stepping you’re going to be happy the world’s going to be different and you’re going to be a person.

Who did that? Don’t don’t underestimate yourself! Folks, you can do so much more than you could ever imagine just speak.
Use social media, like i said, use your local friends, your community and your home mom for ellen arts.
The subprime here i appreciate you for jumping in.

I want to give you one tip today: if you want to create change start in your home, you’ll have a good one whoa.
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