What’s up everyone, frelin arts, subprime hero, wow another beautiful day, today’s lot walk showroom, talk, wow, it’s tuesday, the 27th, and we had a good day.

We didn’t have a stellar day, but we had a good day.
The guys did a great job presenting us pencil are presenting us uh these applications, where we were able to put some stuff together.

They were working on cosigners they’re, doing everything they could to make that day.
Make that moment make this week the best week they can possibly make it.
So i’m really excited.

I know the rest.
This week is going to be very uh, very productive.
I think we’re going to have good momentum going into wednesday, thursday friday and then of course saturday.

So we can finish this month.
A super strong before this time change happens.
What’s up kaley whoop, that’s right! Whoop, it is so today you know i just wanted to you know: go around talk to the guys, see how they’re doing nino is getting ready to deliver one right now.

This one was a little bit of a marathon.
There wasn’t too bad wasn’t nina, not at all man.
Nino did a great job.

We had a.
We had to work through some stuff figure out how to get it there, but nino did that and look at him he’s setting up a temporary tag getting ready to deliver it.
I appreciate your hustle on that man good job way to get it done.

Perfect clients, man, people who are appreciative, people that absolutely are excited they’re, actually only been in kentucky for less than a year and they’ve been working here for a little bit and we were able to help them get a nicer newer vehicle.
So they could start getting around the state a little bit easier, getting to work a little bit easier, something more reliable, so great job way to go.
Appreciate that stephen, what’s going on jason, what’s up jay what up? What up? What up? Let me go in here and drop some hellos to these people.

You got the dream team.
Of course, folks, hey yeah dream team how’s your week going so far, uh awesome we’re progressing we’re doing everything we need to do.
Hashtag, that’s right.

You know.
What’s up but yeah? No, it’s it’s today was a good day.
I know that um, not everybody was able to participate in that.

But as long as you did your, what you’re supposed to do like you guys sound like you did if that’s for progress, that means you’re going to get to what you want.
So the key is just not to be take a day where you didn’t have the delivery and not do anything at all.
Then you’re not going to have a good day the next day, but unless you’re real lucky, which you know sometimes we are i’ve, been lucky before too i’ve messed up and had those days but hey, but these guys they work really hard.

So the dream team is the reason why they call the dream team.

I’ve noticed your social media game stepping up again, i like that.
Keep that going do not do not lose that consistency on that, and then we got stuff.

Stephanie got her deal wrapped up.
Finally, from the from the couple days ago – and i’m real excited about that, so that deal should find really smooth and easy for us, so she can start worrying about the next deal.
You know, that’s the thing and she you’re going to come to find.

Is that sometimes deals you’ll the day you sell them? It’s all done, smooth, there’s, no issues, you don’t have to collect nothing and then sometimes as deals.
It takes three four days to get those tips, but that can cause a delay which we don’t want.
We all got ta get paid and she does a great job plus you wan na make sure your customers their deals, get funded, because if there’s trade-in involved – and it takes longer the next thing – you know we have an extra 200.

We have to add on the trade and all that type of stuff, so great job.
I appreciate you guys uh make sure that you guys are ready for the rest of week, wednesday, thursday friday saturday we’re gon na crush it the rest this week.
I already know it absolutely.

I appreciate you guys thanks for sticking in, we only got a little bit longer left when we get home so crush those phones get some appointments and set up the rest of your week.
Appreciate it hello, it’s a good team right.
There then you got those guys, let’s see.

What’s i got over here, i got frank miller time.
What’s up frank, what’s going on? Oh man, just doing our thing: man, um how’s your day, going so far, uh getting the rest of my week lined up had a few come in.

How was your day today, it was actually doing pretty good yeah.

It did pretty good.
What did you deliver one today? No, unfortunately, i didn’t deliver one yeah, but hey you worked the deal.
You got it to a point where you figured out.

It was either this or that that’s totally, not your fault, whether you did the research or not.
You know we know, you know what i’m talking about.
Doesn’t matter, things happen it wouldn’t regardless it wouldn’t have been a deal.

The way we wanted to be either way, but so you, but you had good practice.
You got to learn something there next time.
You know we have a situation like that.

You know exactly what to do.
That’s the thing about life: there’s no such thing as failures, man i either win or i learn right and he’s learning, and i appreciate that you worked hard today to try to make that happen.

I really do man, i appreciate you and then look.

We got paul nino’s wife over here, waiting for her man, so good stuff i’ll.
Let you i’ll quit bugging you guys.
Thank you very much so good stuff, and then we got mr salesman of the month.

He still sells in the month.
You know the reigning salesmen of the month, man, it ain’t even over.
You still got so much time to make this happen, bro this plaque’s in right.

Now it’s terrible it’s late! Folks! It was my fault that i didn’t get here earlier.
I admit it.
I’m not gon na ever put on anybody else.

It was totally my fault and i it has nothing to do with me.
Not loving you gary.
It’s just that.

I did not do what i always say.
I’m gon na do folks, i you know, and that’s i learned from that.
I didn’t write down what i’m supposed to do.

I didn’t put on my calendar to call in that place and because i didn’t i thought i did, which is a huge mistake to make, especially when you got a guy who got his first salesman in the month plaque.

What a shame i feel bad! I owe you i’ll owe you lunch or something we’ll take care of it, we’ll make it right, we’ll make it right.
I also like to do an interview with you um, if you’ve got time, maybe tomorrow right when i get to work you’re here tomorrow.

Yes, sir, okay, let’s do an interview, let’s do a salesman of the month of the interview.
I don’t think i got one of those in with you yet so let’s do that tomorrow.
So we’re folks be ready for that.

It’s going to be an early light, walk! I’m actually exactly what i was going to do he’s right.
You see he’s learn.
He even learns from my mistakes.

There you go, that’s how it goes.

We you know long as we all understand and we teach each other that that’s the key to it.
I appreciate you gary man seriously, man keep rocking, and then you got this man right here.

Mr tyrone, lord of mercy, man.
I know that you just you had a last minute up that came in it was a little bit of a struggle, but hey you did a great job.
You you got this.

You got the co-op as fast as you possibly could you coach them up on what they needed to do, and hopefully they hear that and they find somebody that can help them, and i really want to be able to help them, but they got to help themselves.
First, in some cases, but there’s a perth apache somewhere, we just got to make – we just got to present it to them, which you did a great job like you always do and um just keep doing it.

I promise you the next one’s gon na, be the right one man so keep rocking, though guys hard.
We have a 2017 gmc c71 on the lot that i will sell tomorrow.
It’s my demo.

It’s everybody’s trying to sell my demo.
They always do it.
It’s like.

I think it’s like a hey fred jumped in a car.
Let’s sell that one, but that’s okay, guys it’s a black on black truck.
I think i’ve showed it on one of my videos.

It’s nice! I might walk outside.
Show it to you guys real quick here in a second too, but now, like tyrone, said, if you guys like that truck, come see.
Tyrone he’s only said on my video so see him ask for tyrone.

I appreciate you tyrone, but no a good day got a lot of deals.

Funded today got a lot of um got some approvals got some deliveries.

We got some stuff set up for the rest of week, but hey it’s all about that.

It’s all about! Moving forward, it’s all about keep growing.
Here’s that they’re taking delivery right now you can see their tail lights, they are leaving yeah, that’s a delivery right there, but now the i’m gon na get out here and talk about today, man, you know my guys they’re.

They are, we all have a why you know, and i talk about it on my podcast.
I always ask everybody my first question in the five liners: what’s your, why what’s your purpose, you know my purpose and my: why is my family also i like to keep growing? It’s that’s my thing i like to always grow.
I don’t want to die.

I want to keep living.
I want to do more each day i want to be better than i was the day before.

So that is my purpose, but when i get to work, i i find another.

Why and it’s my team, it’s these guys here that that are trying to grow too and that you know and they’re just going through struggles that we all went through when we were new or maybe they went through like we’re all going through right now, with this Coronavirus that was a huge struggle for a couple months.
There right we’re all trying to figure out.
Are we doing this? The right way? Are we doing it safe? Are we going to be able to please all the clients that we have here? Are we going to be able to make deliveries? How do we do test drives? How do we do this and these guys all went through it every one of these people every one of these people that work in my store? All of us went through it together, but we came out stronger at the other end of it because we kept growing.

We kept working, we kept learning, we kept teaching, we kept being human beings with empathy towards other human beings.
Out there looking for vehicles, we kept trying to solve their problem.
We kept presenting that to them, which overcame so much the numbers on the total units.

They slowed down that they picked up, they picked up now but like they did, they slowed down, but what the thing was we were giving such a much better service.
In my opinion, what i mean by that is, we were doing above and beyond what we used to do.
We were doing that extra mile that people always talk about going that extra mile and when you go that extra mile, what tends to happen is that value? It exceeds the cost of whatever it is when they feel like hey this person, who’s.

Helping me solve this transportation problem that i have truly cares.

Not only does he truly care, but he’s also he or she is also going above and beyond they’re bringing the car they’re, making sure it’s sanitized they’re, making sure that i understand the vehicle they’re, making sure that i understand what the next step of the process is.
Instead of just trying to hope that they walk through it, instead of explaining it right well, they do they’ve done a great job.

My whole team has my whole team.

They’ve been through it, they’ve, been through the ups, the downs, the sideways, the all the above and they’re.
Still here and they’re stronger than they’ve ever been.

This team is man all the 18, almost 19 years of me being in this business.

This team right here is probably the closest team that i’ve ever had as in like i, i will never forget any of these people and i won’t forget pretty much everybody i work with, but there’s a different feeling here, there’s a deeper feeling here with these people With this team there you know, we’ve been through something that is unprecedented, it’s something that no one will probably never go through again.
I hope right and it’s something that we all learned so much from, and i think that, because we share that experience, there’s going to be a kinship for any of you veterans out there that ever been to basic training or even gone overseas on our tour of Duty that group of people that you were with that’s your family, you became family with those people.

You became super close.
You made memories that no one in the world is going to have the same memories that you have they’re not going to go through the same things that you went through.
Those memories are very important and those in those moments in that time and those people, those things – are huge.

I still have people that, when i was in the service that i still consider a huge friend of mine, you know huge friends of mine that i’m super close with.
I may not even talk to them for five six years, but when we talk we still love each other.
We still undercut understand each other.

You know we may be different people now, but we all know we both came from the same place right.
I love that and that’s what it’s all about, it’s all about that with me and this family that we have here at this dealership.

You know this family is something i look forward to watching them grow it’s it’s i’m looking forward to dropping knowledge in them and then putting knowledge in me to help me grow and vice versa right.

So we do a lot of that.
So i’m very very blessed.
I’m very lucky, um jason says army from 2002 to 2005.

Thanks for your service jason.
Thanks for your service, my friend army big deal man.
You came in right when it was a big deal to be in the military.

I was in before that.
I was in from 97 to 2001.
got out right before my first semester of college was actually when september 11th happened in 2001 um crazy um.

But i remember that i remember that very vividly.
I remember exactly how it went down.
So that being said, you know, i appreciate your service, my friend, i appreciate you for joining when it was a time that most people would probably been too scared to join or a lot of people were really excited to join because they really wanted to be part Of the country trying to defend itself or country trying to write itself right, so i appreciate that so yeah folks, i’m not going to get out here much longer.

I appreciate every one of you all for jumping on.
I just wanted to do a quick lot.
Walk like i always do, and just get a little dealership talk with my guys, and i hope you guys got a little bit from it.

Just remember man encourage your people, involve your people if you’re a leader leader, a leader i mentioned earlier in my whiteboard quote of the week, a leader, isn’t something that you’re given it’s something that you earn in a sense.

That’s not the quote, but that’s what i mean like you: don’t have to be a manager to be a leader.
You don’t have to be the gm or the owner of a store.

You could be the a brand new guy who just got on the floor today and when you’re on the floor.
Take leadership as in like take initiative.
Be that vocal guy.

If you see something that you don’t think is right.
Tell people about.
If you see something.

That’s right that is right.
High five people on it, you know encourage them.
Encouragement is huge part about being a leader.

You know helping people encouraging them teaching them.

You know, but also listening to them.
It’s just like being a salesperson right, a leader is being a salesperson.

So when you are, you can be a leader, so you’re leading people into purchasing a vehicle so be a leader all right.

Well, folks, don’t forget when there’s when it’s dark outside like it is right now, there’s light somewhere right.
Look at that! You got light right above me.

I got light, there’s light everywhere, but i don’t mean that type of light.
What i mean is that glow that that positivity, that you need to look for, because positivity is sometimes hard to find when you feel like nothing but negative stuff is happening.
A lot of people have gra grabbed onto negative stuff.

Someone said the other word negative stuff.
Over the last six seven months right, they just held on to it using that as a crutch, using that as an excuse of why they can’t grow, why they can’t do what they need to do.
Well, i’ll, just wait till this is over.

Well, don’t do that! Make sure that you find the light, there’s always something that you can do when things are bad, when it’s at the bottom of the barrel, when it’s like rock bottom, is when you have the most opportunity for the biggest amount of growth.
So when the world is crazy, don’t look at as as a oh poor me, it’s the whole world.
The whole world was going through it look at.

That is what can i do to improve myself right now when and everyone else, a lot of people.
I shouldn’t say everyone: that’s not that’s a strong word when a lot of people are trying to use excuses or using this as a time to sit back and just wait.
Don’t wait, folks, take that step.

Be that person use that light, be positive, make sure you get that glow about you and share it with people there’s light everywhere, for you folks, there’s light everywhere, just look for it man and enjoy it, because life is too short to not enjoy.

Life is too short to not keep growing folks.
I appreciate you, don’t forget to forgive forgive all your past stuff because it doesn’t matter what you did a minute ago yesterday last year, 10 years ago, because what you do right now is all that matters, so you can forgive, so you can focus on what you’re Doing right now – and this way you can fly to everywhere – you want to go and keep growing y’all appreciate you for jumping on hope.

You guys enjoyed that.
I enjoyed you guys for coming on here, thanks for all the comments, brian jason lou for jumping on here.

John is that truck behind oh yeah, before i go that truck that we mentioned earlier.

This is that truck.
So we got a black on black.
Now it’s it’s an extended cab.

So it’s not a you, know, crew, cab or anything like that, but it’s got plenty of space.
It’s black on black four-wheel, drive z71 loaded out.
You know heated seats, the whole nine only thing i think it’s missing is a roof and leather.

But it’s heated with cloth and who needs it.
Look at that front end.
It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful! So i’m driving that right now just for a little bit, but you know it’ll probably sell tomorrow morning or right when i get to work i’ll, have to switch something else, but that’s okay.

I drive these as demonstrations, people see them and they want to buy them right.

So i love it.
I love this truck.

Hope you guys like to enjoy it.
I appreciate you for jumping on once again boom.
What’s up jason garrus, my homie everybody who came on? Thank you for watching this share this.

If you guys see any knowledge that you think somebody else could hear man, i appreciate it.
You guys have a good night, i’m freelance the subprime hero, one half of the car guy coffee podcast over at the cafe folks, make sure you guys get some of our coffee at www.

com, go to the coffee shop and order some this stuff is delicious.

I am having rave reviews from everyone: who’s purchased it.
They they brewed it up, they did their whatever they did their french press.

Whatever you want, you prefer to make your coffee, they tried it, they drank it and they told me that it is folks.
I appreciate it enjoy your night enjoy your week.

I’ll see you all tomorrow.

As always, that’s right, it says the elevation is badass, it is man.
Y’all have a good one.
I’ll see you later.

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