Whoo y’all know what time it is yeah.

It’s quick brew time.
What’s going on everyone, fred leonard’s subprime hero today is 10.
17, 20.

Sorry 17 days into the 10th month of the rest of your life.
Wow time’s, going by fast, take advantage of every moment.

Do not waste it so today my quick tip, my quick brew for you is the more the merrier you know all of us have goals, and these things and these dreams that we all want to have.
We all want to reach, we all want to get to, but we’re all scared or a little uncomfortable to do things that we’ve never done before.

So here’s what you do you invite other people to go on that same voyage.

If you’re working out invite other people get a workout buddy, it’s nothing better than having somebody hold.
You accountable, you have more fun, you tend to do it a little bit harder.

You tend to work more towards your goals, same thing with work life.

If you have something here at work that you’re trying to do, if you’re trying to sell more cars, have somebody join you and you guys can go out and do it together and there’s something like that.
I have a team here, the dream team.
They do a great job.

I have other people who teamed up at the dealership and they help each other out.
There’s something beautiful about having everybody do it.
This morning we did a live video with everybody doing lives on their own phone.

It was so fun so encouraging it helped them get outside their comfort zone.

Folks, i tell you if you guys are comfortable or uncomfortable.
I should say with something that you’re trying to do have other people join.

You have other people enlighten you.
I promise you you’ll go a lot further.
You’ll have a lot more fun, you’ll feel more comfortable.

You guys have a good day, i’m freelance the subprime hero.
I appreciate you all for jumping in here this morning and watching what i have to say, make sure that you take advantage of what i just said, the more the merrier when you get together the better things can be.
I appreciate you guys you all have a good one whoa, let’s prove .

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