All know what time it is yeah, it’s quick brew time.

What’s going on everyone, Fretilin arts, subprime hero today is 10.16.2020.
wow, it’s already 16 days into the 10th month of the rest of your life.

Folks, time’s, going by fast, take advantage of every moment, do not waste it.

So today my quick tip my quick proof for you, it’s very simple: you don’t have to lie to kick it.
We all heard that term before and the whole purpose behind that term is it’s okay to be you, you don’t have to make things up.
You don’t have to act like you’re.

Someone else.
Just be you.
We are friends, you know, that’s how you are with your friends.

You tell your friends that hey you can still kick it.
Just tell me the truth.
Just tell me who you are you’re cool, let’s be you’re cool enough as yourself.

You don’t have to be anyone else.
You don’t have to make up lies about yourself from the past.
Just be honest with each other right.

That is the key.
You don’t have to lie to kick it, so don’t lie.
Be honest, be that guy who, even if your past, isn’t quite what you want it’s a little checkered right if it is it’s okay grow from that learn from that become more from that tell your friends exactly how you did things and what you did.

That was wrong.
Not only will it help you become better than that, the next time it comes, but it’ll help your friends become better than that, the next time they have a situation like that they know what not to do that is called sharing knowledge.
That’s called being more, that’s called helping each other, but the only way only that can happen is if you don’t lie to kick it on fellaini subprime hero.

Let’s brew, .

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