What’s up everyone from the north subtime hero, showroom, showroom, talk lot, walk, maybe even a death talk who knows but hey what a great week we had hope you guys are having a good success in your week.

We’re slowing down right now.
We just delivered um.
The last vehicle they just traded in a nice dodge ram and got themselves a chevy equinox man saving some money.

It’s gon na be much more gas efficient, not to mention they get to have all that extra room that they can have in the back seat and also in the cargo space.
So that being said, i’m so excited about the week that we just had tomorrow we’re down.
We don’t open on sundays, so i’m gon na enjoy that with my family, but for a week first week of the year.

What can i say? How would i rate it on a scale of one to ten? I’d have to give it a nine right, because nothing is ever a ten.
Ten is perfect.
There’s no such thing as that, so i’m gon na say nine and because my team was growing hard, they were working hard, they were bringing appointments and today we were super busy.

Did we hit numbers that i was hoping to hit today? No, but did they bring us traffic that i needed them to bring? I did they did so i’m excited about that.
When there is activity it breeds activity when there’s activity it brings excitement when it does activity, it brings our salespeople to a different level.
It helps them step up because when they’re just doing the same thing and it’s kind of just dead, they kind of get complacent.

So when you’re busy and you’re constantly knowing the urgency of hey, let’s get this deal in.
Let’s get this thing close because we understand paperwork has to go in.
You have to get in a line if you start selling a lot of cars so crushing it man what a great job my team did today, wow, so i’m very proud of them.

I’m very proud of them all week, long um last year, even you know so i’m i talk about my team quite a bit and that’s what these lot walks are all about.
It’s about raising up my team and talking about what we’re doing that is productive.
That is working currently right.

Now, that’s right cup, always half full! That’s what leads our cups to over to flowing over.
You know what amanda that is, so right, half full, but let me tell you something i’ll tell you on that, amanda that i think is even deeper.

You must have an empty cup and not to think that’s a bad thing.

You actually need to think of an empty cup as positive, because when your cup is empty, you were ready to receive you’re ready to learn to get that brew.

That you deserve that.
You need to hear that day when your cup is full or it’s all the way, four, even half full you’re not going to be able to do that.

It starts to overflow and that’s okay to overflow.

That’s when you start giving, but you want your cup to be empty every day you wake up.
You want your cup to be blank.

This way you can take in as much as that, you can get.
You know, that’s actually a bruce lee philosophy and i love that be water, my friends, so i i it’s the only way to be.
You know if you have a bad moment, just take a deep breath, relax empty your mind, let it all go because what you believe or your past experiences, none of that matters focus on that moment and just keep growing right.

That’s what i do.
I appreciate the comment amanda you’re right though i am very optimistic person.

I am a half full type of person, but i do have to say you must have your cup empty.

This way, you’re ready for everything that you need.
So i do appreciate that thanks for coming on come empty, be prepared for the value of the day.
What that is, i’m going to have to take that from you, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear me use that on a uh one of my quick brews or anything like that.

I love that so thanks for jumping on here today, amanda, but i want to go around and just throw a little love at the team, see what’s going on see what’s up over here with this guy here, what’s up, what’s up guys, how’d your day go, i Got help cody get one out, it was.
It was a really weird day.
I was just telling them like you know.

We had a lot of traffic, but it was tough.
It was a tough day, but you guys worked your ass off.
So i want to tell you each one of you guys way to bring the traffic in way to try to make things happen.

I know that you have that truck deal.
That’s still up in the air and you can’t that’s not.
You did nothing wrong, you did it right, so don’t feel like you did anything.

What did i do wrong? Nothing there’s still an opportunity to follow up if there’s anything that you could do wrong from this point is not follow up with those customers follow up, hear what they have to say, because i promise you they’re going to go other places, and that was the best Deal that they’re going to see, especially on a truck with that caliber so way to go, don’t worry about it.
Just keep grinding, get some appointments, let’s rock frank, good job way to finish it and way to help out today.

Just keep doing your thing.

Man keep doing your thing and keep growing.

Do your thing all right boys, you guys enjoy your weekend.
Man enjoy your sunday be ready for monday, because next week is a new week.

It’s the second week, it’s still one more week that you have a chance to make a check for mid-month right.
So, let’s rock it out, let’s come in monday with great energy awake rocking ready to have that caffeinated experience in life be pumped up and ready to go.
I appreciate you guys, you know.

What’s up, i appreciate you guys so much.
Let’s brew thanks guys, yeah! So awesome man, so you see that it’s good stuff.
You know that they worked really hard today, some things worked out.

Some things didn’t, but everybody in here i believe.
In my opinion, my heart worked really hard, so i know stephanie.
She worked her ass off today.

She was trying to find something and she got one right there at the end.

That’s what i’m talking about.
Don’t ever doubt yourself.

Let me tell you something when you start to doubt and put the negative and you and that’s when things start to fall apart, you have to have that mentality.
That’s going to be okay, learn something from things that don’t work out.
I learned a lot today.

Honestly, that’s good, that’s wonderful! So that’s at least you know that learn from that and grow, but you did a great job today.
I i can’t say that you did anything that, based off your experience, how long you’ve been doing it.
You did nothing wrong right.

Just got to learn, we all have to learn.
I mean like i have to learn.
Adrian still has to learn.

We all have to do the moment.
We say we don’t have to learn anything, we’re dying, we’re not you’re, not growing anymore you’re just done and you’re, and you close your mind off.

You know a moment ago.

Somebody put on here, your cup must be half full.
You know.
Yes, you have that mentality.

I said i agree positive mentality, but you have to have an empty cup, so you can have so your cup could be empty, so you can take in knowledge, so you can learn if your cup is full all the time.
Oh, i know this.
I know it’s.

My cup, but you’re never going to be able to learn it’s just going to constitute everything you learn is going to fall over so empty your cup every single day when you come here and be ready to learn it and you know, use your experience.
Use your knowledge, but don’t let your knowledge and your experience pre-judge stuff before something even really happens.
Yeah that makes sense, use it to help you finalize something, but don’t let it don’t make it help you with the beginning of things, because there’s times people show up, they look like they’re, perfect, 700, 800, beacon scores.

Then you pull their credit and they’re not and then there’s times the opposite man.
I don’t think these people could buy anything, you pull the credit and they could buy the whole world.
So you can never do that.

So just keep doing your thing.
I’m proud of you today, you did a good job.

Adrian keep rocking my man, get you some keep rocking hard.

Don’t stop, won’t, stop put a jacket on you, make me cold with that short sleeve stuff in the bathroom hey at least you kept your clothes on, though i appreciate that so they’re in there doing a they got a phone call, so i can’t really bug them, But i’m gon na mess with cody real, quick, though cody way to finish strong today, man way to go in there and knock out that last deal and all that.
So i appreciate you for doing your thing.
Man keep growing, have a great weekend, enjoy your family, enjoy your kids, we’ll see you on monday be ready for monday.

We’ve got a big week coming up.
Let’s go i like how cody was trying to copy my hand, movements.
He was like throwing sign languages up with me, you know, but that’s really about it.

I got two other guys in here, as you guys can see they’re in here doing they’re on some kind of phone call right now and i would interrupt them – and you know patrick normally likes to jump in on these things.
But i may have to miss him on this unless he gets me on the way back in, but let’s go out here.
I don’t know if you guys saw that condensation coming off my breath, but it is kind of chilly yes, so folks, everything is going great.

Everything is wonderful, it’s even if you, even if i had a bad week, because it’s about positivity it’s about having the right mentality, because you have no control over what just happened the last few days, you only have control over what you’re doing right this moment.
So, even if you had a bad week, you didn’t sell the cars you wanted to sell, or you didn’t talk to enough people.
Your appointments didn’t show it does not matter what matters is what you’re going to do from this point on.

Are you going to change? Are you going to do something more? Are you going to try to to to follow up better? Are you going to try to you know, make sure your customers know how to get to your dealership or maybe when they’re here you do a little bit better job on setting up the deal explaining your process, you know.
Sometimes you know we do things.
We rush through it because you know we’re in a we’re in a rush, for whatever reason it is right and we try to rush our deals when you do that with your customers, they feel it.

They don’t like it and unless they’re, in a rush which some of them are, but they really are not because when it really comes down to it, they want to make sure they get the best deal and the best experience.
So you always got to make sure you treat everybody with a great experience, everybody the same in a sense, but every process might be a little bit different because everybody has a different situation.
You know whatever their credit situation is whatever their transportation problem is.

At that moment, it’s different, so you have to be able to work that work around it work with it.
Do all those things right, so don’t stop doing that.
Make sure that you’re always looking for that extra make sure you’re giving everybody an experience and don’t try to rush to a pencil? It’s because you want to hurry up and see if they’ll buy it, because they won’t unless you’re lucky, which it happens and that’s the problem, is it does happen? Sometimes when it does, you think it’s okay to keep doing that.

It’s not folks.
If you do that, every single time, you’re you’re missing out on opportunity on gross on on relationship building with them, you know getting referrals, you know they’re not going to refer you.
If they don’t know you or like you, they only refer to people that they care for that make them feel like that.

You treated them extra special.

I would only send you.
I’d only send people to um i’d only send my friends to people that treated me with more respect than i expected right same thing with the way you are at the core business.

You have to treat every customer with above and beyond.
In order for you to get the referrals repeat, business and all that type of stuff, because they will come back to the same store even but not even ask for you, because the experience wasn’t even that good, so make sure that you go above and beyond you.
Don’t miss any opportunity, folks i’m going to get out of here, because i’m kind of getting cold out here, but i wanted to let you guys know that i appreciate everyone you all for always coming on here.

Supporting me.
I support every one of you guys for doing what you do.
I hope that you guys have a great wonderful stupendous super catch.

A fragilistic expialidocious weekend enjoy your sunday.
If you’re open tomorrow crush tomorrow, don’t go in tomorrow.
I got to work going tomorrow like oh.

I got to work, i’m excited.
I have an opportunity today to help my family help myself to grow, to help.
Somebody in my community solve their transportation problem simple, as that, it’s good on your heart, it’s good for you, one for eleanor’s subprime hero.

You guys have a great day, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly, so you can keep.
The only thing you can do.
Folks is there’s light everywhere.

Find that light share.
That light, be the light.
Have a good one.

We’ll see you all around.
Take care peace in the middle east, .

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