Sometimes i love you.

Sometimes you make me blue, hey, what’s going on folks, what’s happening, it is thursday, thirsty thursday tonight, folks, the think tank.
If you guys ain’t heard of it, you need to check it out.
We have special guest scott joseph he’s going to be on there.

If you guys, don’t know how to get onto the theme tank.
All you got to do is go to www.

com and you just go up to their swag but tab and go on there inside there.
There’ll be a link for thirsty thursday’s, think tank.
You all need to check that out because it is off the chain and we got scott joseph tonight, scott joseph it’s a great guest, i’m looking forward to having him on the show tonight he’s a lot of fun.

I’ve actually had a chance to interview him on my show.
I came on to his show couple times great person, man looking forward to growing with him he’s right he’s a kentucky native like me, he’s only 45 minutes from him much and then we got glenn lundy over in lexington.
So it’s like the triangle.

The triad of car guys right so real excited about that tonight, so make sure you guys go out to that.
But man.
This is my lot walk my desktop and you know, show room talk whatever you want to call it.

I’m probably sitting here for most of it because i do have some stuff going on.
I got a deal, that’s being negotiated right now.
I have another one getting a credit application and we got some ups pulling in.

So i always love it last minute, uh traffic.
Last minute, ups last minute, uh business, so nothing better than that.
These are the ones who actually come in because they just got off work, so they have jobs, they have those things that are, you know advantageous to helping you sell more vehicles, but i just want to come on here really quick and just wish everybody a happy Thursday, i hope you guys are doing well, i’m real excited about.

What’s going on right now in the car business um, it’s a lot of great stuff going on and and the car business is something that has you know it’s a roller coaster sometimes, but you know the thing is and like scott joseph had mentioned earlier today, when I was in my um, i had our our live, our cgc early booth.
This morning, scott joseph came on and he said that he’s he’s doesn’t pay attention to recession.
Doesn’t do any of that.

He avoids all that.

He is recession, proof because he knows the game.
He understands to keep working, you keep grinding, you keep your head down and you do what you’re supposed to do focus on what you have control over and when you focus on what you have control over.

It tends to be a much better situation at the end of the day.

You don’t worry about.
What’s going on in washington, what’s going on in different states, what’s going on with your local government or federal government, the you know the stock market what’s going on with, you know the election, none of that stuff really matters coronavirus.

If you really focus on yourself and you work really hard, it does matter, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t at the end of the day when it comes to your growth when it comes to, how far could you go? If, if you know, are you going to have a successful year or not, success is determined by if you are just doing better than you did yesterday.

It’s that simple, it’s that easy, so real excited to have him on the show tonight.

I’m real excited about my guys, they’re they’re, the team seems like they’re doing some transformation and i see a lot of uh them working a little bit harder.

You know we got paul.
Nino who’s had a little bit of a slump, he’s kind of picked it back up and he’s using a lot of motivation in himself to make it happen.
I’m really proud of him he’s bringing me a credit application after cradle application, he’s doing his best to bring us everything that we need, including his steps for his deals that he does sell um.

You know, then, i got my guys like cody and and stephanie out there just kicking butt and of course, adrian he’s, starting to step back up again.
He needs to at the beginning of the year it’s time for him to start rolling right um.
Then we got, of course the dream team with patrick jennings, he’s kicking butt like always, and then we got gary who took the day off, which is very rare for gary, but he took the day off his salesman a month.

He deserves it.
Right get her first day off of the month.
That’s what i used to do.

I’d have a great month and i’d take my day off that first week and then i’d rock the rest of the month.

There’s people i knew who did the opposite.
They would work until they got their number, then they would take a day off.

I just always enjoyed because i celebrated after my month so anyway, that being said, folks keep doing your thing, keep growing and keep looking for that light and be in that light, the more you can do that, the better your life’s going to be the more excited You are even when things are not really that good.
They are better than you uh.
You look on the glasses half full side of it instead of the glasses half empty, because when you do that, you tend to even find the good stuff in the bad.

You know and that what makes life so much better and easier and makes it much more uh tangible to accept you know it’s like.
Sometimes it’s hard to accept bad, but when you can throw good on top of that bad say: hey well.
At least this happened, and that happened – and i got to do this and you know it was like when i talked about corona, i thought how much extra time i got to spend with my family last year.

You know almost 20 years in the business time with family.
Is you know we all know we spend as much as we can.
We take our vacations.

I get home at night, but late nights early mornings.
You know working working on days that you didn’t expect to because dealership was light or we were rocking or we needed to get to a certain number.
There were so many reasons why you know, but it all works itself out in the end and it all worked out good.

We had a year where we got that so now, i’m ready to crush 2021 i’m ready to keep going forward.
I know my team is i’m looking forward to seeing them grow as we all grow together in this 2021 and having a lot of fun and all that type of stuff.

It’s gon na be exciting, but you know i couldn’t do that.

I couldn’t do this without the team.
You know, i i’m so thankful that throughout this year i got to sit here and – and you know, spend this time with them and then grow with them.
A majority of the guys are still here.

We did lose a few.
A couple of them left just like any other time, so that didn’t change you know, but we did have a good core of guys that made it through this and people that i could sit down with.
Like you remember 2020, we did that together and we still did it and we did it strong and we did it the best that we possibly could so i’m very proud of all those guys, i’m going to run out here, really quick.

So i don’t have a lot of time.
I see you getting ready to bring me an app to say hi to a couple people and i’m gon na get done with this folks.
I don’t mean to cut this short, but i got you in a sense.

So, let’s see, what’s the happening all right over here, we got them over here you guys, having a good day today getting the rest of the week.

I know you got ta, get your ball going, man, that’s what you want so make sure that you get ready for tomorrow.
We need one tomorrow at least we got flight.

What today’s thursday we got friday and saturday still left but keep rocking tomorrow morning.
Please do i want to help you do that, because it’s going to happen just keep working those videos that you like today.
That’s what makes it effective because they’re effective people like them, but the more you do it, the more effective it’s going to be like i’ve.

Seen people and with people who’ve had really good luck with it, because they’re, consistent and people will just out of the blue just reach out to you, people who never even liked your posts, but they just reach out because they’ve seen it they just don’t like it Right, you’ll catch that a lot of people talk about this morning like whether they like it or not.
They see it all the time it’s gon na happen.
You know, as a guy who’s fun to buy cars from you’re, always gon na be the guy who’s trying to buy parchment.

I actually thought about making a video that if you can relate to any time that you hear somebody complaining about the car or these specific phrases like.
Oh, i hate my car or oh, i like your car or anything like that.
They think about me.

You know what i’m saying like anytime.

Something comes up like this think about it.
That’s what i do every time i hear about taking shirts off, i think about you adrian, you guys have a good night.

Man keep rocking.
Hopefully we got these things working in here.

All right just to see what’s going on, you might, but yes, michael man, what’s going on buddy how you doing today stay positive bro stay get out there be a beast, get involved like even like i would suggest like.

Even if you don’t have a deal sometimes say hey with one of the veterans, can i just shadow you.
I know you’ve done that a few times yeah, but do it all the time? Do it like constant? Just because you want to get better, you want to see what it’s like to sell cars and have that feeling.
But i know you want to sell some cars too, and i want to get you there.

So stay positive do not get stuck in the man.
I don’t know mode if you feel like it’s not.

You feel uncomfortable it’s okay, you’re supposed to feel uncomfortable, okay, but you have to be working towards something so, whether it’s you watching videos at night, whether it’s you doing this, make sure you do those types of things and keep growing man.

I know you can do this dude, don’t stop we’re air force, vets, air force.
Vets are the best, that’s right, so you got you an application here, all right, so getting ready to do one folks, i’m not gon na stay on here i got ta bounce, but i wan na.
Let you guys know that there’s light everywhere everywhere everywhere and all you got ta do is find it it’s inside you sometimes you think that it’s so dark around you.

The world is crashing on you, but if you really think deep inside, what do you have? Do you have parents that love you? Do you have a sister or a brother that that you can reach out to at any point and ask for advice and they’ll? Do it? Do you have that? Because i’m sure you got something like that? Do you have a friend, do you have do you have breath? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have a bed and a pillow because there’s a lot of people out there? I know because i can tell you there was a moment in my life for about three months.

I was kind of homeless.
I had to live on someone’s couch.

I did that in my early 20s, so i was homeless for a little bit.
So i know what it’s like to not have those things and it’s great when you do even when it’s something small and remember the small things is what gives you light, the small things build up to major things and if you focus on those small things, i Promise you all the big things that will come that you need will happen, but you have to focus on the small things that build up to the big things just like.
When you want a goal to happen, you have to set small goals to get to the big goal.

So do the small things to get to the big thing.

It’s it’s everything like that, so i’m going to get off here guys i got to get to work.
I appreciate you for jumping on i’m feeling our subprime hero, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly and keep growing, because that’s the way you live moment, you stop growing you’re dying.

Let’s go .

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