somebody who appreciates either what’s up everyone following our subprime hero, it’s the end of the day, it’s time for my showroom, talk my life walk time for me to mess with my guys he’s actually starting here today, because i started my office and worked.

My way up to the front right, usually you know the old saying like i used to when i was a kid versus worse last – is best right so anyway, so that that should tell you everything why i’m doing this first right now guys um good day today, I know that you had something that just didn’t quite pan out, but you kept running on.
I know you, i know it wasn’t a lack of trying.
So don’t worry about that check that off yeah like the song.

I can’t see you guys, so i’m not gon na, do it, but patrick did you ever do one today? Yes, you did yeah.
My man just finished it sorted.
It’s a car deal.

No, it’s actually, i know that’s a deal.
She has expired driver’s license.

I think if you guys out, there are not experiencing that.
I think right now, the most common thing that i’ve seen with people in the last two to three months has expired driver’s licenses or identification cards, because a lot of them are using the excuse of hey.
It’s not open, which, in a lot of cases it is it’s just a little bit harder to get, they just have to go, get it and a lot of them are letting them go now.

This one was only like two and a half week old.
You know expired two and a half weeks ago, so that can be an honest mistake.
I get that, but you know it’s a good thing that we found it.

So we can get it taken care of now she’s going to get it done tomorrow morning and come back tomorrow and take delivery with a official driver’s license.
So we’re pumped up about that good, great job man.
She was awesome.

I just kind of actually had a great conversation with her about being from here and when all the schools started opening up around this area, all the like the new schools and stuff like that so just summer couple years older than me, but but in my generation You know what i’m saying so i appreciate you guys.
Keep rocking keep going this month is still got some time.

I want to see this fast start bonus happening.

What do y’all need to get it? We do do not give up make it happen.
Do not stop eight, usually, if the you know we didn’t have the most busy day today was actually kind of slow.
Today, um, we did knock a few out a couple out only two, so i’m not gon na complain about that’s not the best day, but i’m not mad about it either, because i know these guys are working they’re on the phones.

Usually, if you have a bad like start, you’re, gon na finish extremely strong, so i’m anticipating a big day tomorrow, the rest of the week get your appointments in get your phone calls in.

Do your thing, boys holla, do it adrian barry gibbs? What’s up man? How was your weekend man? It was very good.
I spent some time with with the baby mama and the baby.

Oh yeah yeah got some sleep in uh.
I played up the house.
So how does how does like his big brother? Does he like? What’s his name sebastian how’s sebastian like him being a big brother, he’s like it’s adorable he’s like you know, baby brother.

You know he loves them.

Oh always.
Will man 100? Will you know and and as they get older there’s you know this but they’re brothers? So that’s the thing: how does um, how old is he two two and a half almost three he’s? Also that’s a good! That’s a good! That’s a good age gap where it’s not too far right so they’re gon na be able to grow up somewhat together and do some stuff together.

Man, you’re gon na see that it’s gon na be really cool.
You know: do you have an older brother or anything like that? No, no, no, not necessarily a good thing.
We didn’t have a girl, but from what i’ve seen brothers and sisters usually fight when they’re young, you know what i mean they do, but you know what, when you get older, you you don’t it’s absolutely, but it’s uncommon, but yeah two boys are gon na hit.

It off but they’re gon na fight, it’s just a different type of fight.
It’s not so it’s not so sensitive fighting.

It’s more! You know you touch.

You touch my toy when you’re supposed to punch you in the face.

Hey, you ate my cookie.
I punched in the face me and my brother just gave a lot of fights.

Man shoot.
I got stories as an adult about my brother.

You know what’s up jeff you’re watching this anyway, but nah man, that’s good stuff man.

I’m glad that you guys had a good weekend.
Um get this week going man.
I know that you had a good saturday, so let’s make sure that this week doesn’t need a saturday to make it a good week.

You know what i mean.
So do your thing.
Dog, i appreciate you, i know, let’s do it keep growing, then i got the twos.

Did you ever get a hold of mr thompson? What do you say? Excellent excellent? I appreciate you getting on that nino, you got all you.
Did you ever get that pissed up? Why do you always wait till last minute to give me everything, nino, gosh, dang, it all right.
So i got it now we’re good! I needed this.

I could have sent this in a while ago.
It’s cool! Oh yeah, that’s not good! That’s why he’s been holding on to it? Yeah! That’s what i was saying.
This is the first one of the year: no whoa yeah.

Wasn’t he supposed to be working full-time hours? Yes, he was the battles of subprime credit.
Folks, if i can do like a story, hashtag subprime is so fun yeah, so sometimes tips don’t line up the way they’re supposed to.
I got to go back and review and make sure that they maybe there’s still enough income in there, but based off of that, did he time off? How long does it start anyway, i’ll i’ll get into that later it doesn’t matter we are live.

I might lose a cardio because of that stuff, but that’s okay, we’re going to work on that, but man we’re going to try to go to those deliveries for a little bit.
But it’s not your fault, we’re going to work on it we’ll make this work, but there’s probably he’s never locked out.

He already knew but um, it’s all good, though man so good weekends.

Everybody have fun with the families last night, good.
What whoa where’d you guys go? Charles yeah, i lost some old charlie’s dude, oh charlie’s, to me it’s for the money.
You can’t really go wrong with how charlie’s ever ever since i was a kid i like to with charlie’s one of my favorite.

Things, though, is when they’re it’s not even that expensive, it’s their freaking chicken tenders, bro, they have the most fire: chicken tenders, they’re chicken tenders, their salad’s, pretty good, they’re, uh they’re bread.
Even the rolls are fished yeah.
You ever had the cedar plank uh salmon.

Yes, that’s fine, anyway enough about that.
Now i’m getting hungry and i got to work out before i go when i get home, so i can’t eat until after i’ve been working out, but you guys have a good night man get on those phones, keep grinding.
It’s you know.

We have a slow day today, but let’s finish off strong, let’s get those appointments in and let’s make sure that we have you guys set up for a successor this week.
All right keep doing your thing appreciate you guys and then let’s see, what’s going on back here, michael michael with the y michael with the y.

Why? Because he’s cool as heck? That’s why, michael? How was your weekend? My friend was good hung out with the fans, so that’s good man how’s your day.

Did you get any appointments set for today, not for today, but i got three well not for today, but i got three for the win.
All right.
Man follow up, make sure they’re strong hard.

You know, i know you knew so i’m maybe this will help you.
Maybe this won’t.
Maybe you don’t need this tip? Maybe you will, but when you’re doing these appointments, don’t try to soft appointment, though what i mean by that is: oh, you think you could be here at 3, 30 great, i’m gon na go ahead and put you in here.

So you know.
I hope you can make it, especially if they’re like well.
I think i could do it no, but i need you to tell me if you can do it.

You know you got to be more firm with them and it’s okay to be fair.

I’m not in a rude way, but like hey look, you know that day, i’m super busy.
I have an hour window.

Are you going to be here for that hour? If not, i have other people that might feel that hour yeah.
It’s the hottest part of the day.
You know it’s tough, like that, wow man and they’ll.

Let you know, when is a better time that you know for sure you can be here, because you want the for sure i’ll be here, because when they say that, if you get a better percentage of them showing up than ones that you kind of stopped and I’m not saying you’re probably doing that, but i know when i was new at doing phones and stuff.
I was kind of softening it a little bit making this off because i was trying to more or less just feel like.
Okay, i felt successful, but i didn’t want to say too much or do anything to make me feel like i wasn’t successful, you know what i mean like they said yes, but they, but it doesn’t feel like yes, but it does so i’m gon na take it.

Instead of being like, i know for sure yes, yeah yeah, you know just take that little extra step man, i promise you’ll, take you a little bit longer a little farther away, but do that with everything in the car business.
I’m talking about everything you do yeah.
Take that extra step to confirm it like.

When you ask somebody: hey: are you going to buy the car? If the price is right, don’t go hey, you think you’ll buy it.
If the price is good and they’re like well, i think so be like.
Oh, you think so or you will buy the prices right.

So i get you the deal that you want.
You’re going to take it home right now, right, keep confirming you know, say: hey.
Do you like this car yeah? No, are you sure you know what you got to keep going into stuff with me, go harder with it man.

I appreciate you keep doing your thing.
Michael, i appreciate it have a great week: let’s go strong, let’s finish this week and go halfway because mid-month check is coming next week, got ta, get that check filled up boy.
Let’s do it all right, my man, i appreciate you so he loves me not [.

Music ], let me go last few times i’ve seen stephanie’s been phoned.
She’s been pulling the cody on me.

How was your weekend? How was your day today? It was wonderful, actually a little deal, yeah [, Music ].

Then you know if appointments check your appointment set.
I should say check your appointment set and then get your apple pay.
So you get.

Let’s say that you did a hundred appointments, i’m just gon na randomize, this 100 points for the month and then you make ten thousand dollars.

You know that every appointment is making you know 100, so that again, okay, yeah yeah yeah.
I know i know where you’re at yeah so you’re making.

So every appointment you make makes you a hundred bucks.
So that’s all you need so the more appointments i make.
The more money so every point, so that’s the way to look at it yeah, you know, or you know so on so far, so keep doing it doing that’s how you’ve got to that’s how i would set myself up because the more people i get in here, The more opportunity i have yeah, i wouldn’t worry about how many dials i made it’s about the appointments i made yeah because the dials have to be in there if you’re going to make those appointments, but this is going to have to happen if you have any Appointments and all that, but do your thing, i appreciate you good job man, keep growing girl, keep doing your thing, so i’m gon na go outside and step into this cold and do a quick lot walk cause.

It’s bruising but guys.
You know my team doing their thing: they’re growing, giving them tips they’re, giving me tips they’re, encouraging me.
I love seeing them smile.

I love hearing about their successes for the day.
That’s why i love about coming and doing those little showroom talks with them coming out here doing the lot walk is important too now as a sales pro.
It’s super important to know your inventory when you walk around.

You need to know where certain cars are.
What kind of equipment you have because the last thing you want to do is have a client show up you, they say they want a vehicle and you’re like.
I don’t have it and it’s right there right in front of you, you didn’t even know it was there right.

It happens a lot, so it’s always good to go.
Spend every morning before you leave before you start your work day come in a couple minutes early walk around the lot.

It’s a good idea.

I think to get your your camera out and do a live lot, walk as a sales pro and just walk around talk about your car.
Talk about your day.
Talk about your goals for the day to your clients.

Talk about your appointments, maybe even shout out your appointments on the video.

How cool would that be right? I suggest that i would do that um, but as even as a sales manager, you have to know your inventory.
You have to know what kind of deals you’re working with for your sales people, so you can tell them hey what about that car? What about that car be the best at your job, no matter what position you’re at always look to be better than you were yesterday, always look to be the best version of yourself.

You don’t always.
Oh that’s not my job title folks, it’s the car business.
It’s all our jobs to make sure that we help our clients get the best deal at the fastest pace at the easiest process possible.

So, let’s make that happen.
I’m not gon na lie.
I’m freezing my butt off, so i’m gon na go inside, but guys don’t forget to forgive focus and fly and keep growing because there’s light everywhere right.

There light use that light, feel warmth grow.
With that light, share that light love that light be happy, stay positive.
You guys keep growing, i’m feeling a subprime hero.

Let’s prove .

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